Personal Jesus? Saturday A.M. Notes

SAN ANTONIO – Roy Williams is trying to be the Cowboys' Personal Jesus. Therefore, Brian Stewart must rein him in, requiring him to be Roy's personal god.

On Friday, the Cowboys safety responded rather bitterly to mentions of any of his shortcomings in coverage last season. He actually compared himself to Jesus.

"Jesus was criticized and Jesus was persecuted,'' Williams was quoted as saying. "What makes me any different?''

Of course, on thing that makes Roy different is that while he is a Pro Bowl-caliber safety, he is not the Son of God. Leave it to my man Stewart, the defensive coordinator, to tell it like it is.

"I talked to Terence Newman, Roy Williams, Bradie James and Kenny Hamlin about this issue the other day,'' Stewart told me. "They media has ripped them at times, they say. So I say, ‘If you accept the wealth, you gotta accept the debt.'''

Continued Stewart: "You can use the criticism to fuel you, to make you better, to prove them wrong. Or you can ignore the criticism. But either way, you oughta go back into that film room and take one more look at the plays being criticized. Maybe the critics were right. Maybe you could've done a better job.''

For the record, Williams and Stewart are fond of one another. Also for the record, Roy is off to a good start at this camp, coaches say, after losing 26 pounds of unwanted offseason weight to get near 220.

But most importantly, for the record, Roy isn't Jesus. And he'd probably be wise to heed the advice of tolerance preached to him by his new supervisor, advice that is almost Biblical in its wisdom.

WHO'S HOT: Wide receiver Sam Hurd is in the process of winning the No. 4 wideout job. He's been remarkable consistent all week, hasn't shied away from contact, and has a knack for making the "little play,'' as one coach told me. Dallas is talking about moving around Owens, Glenn and Witten into different advantageous spots, and if the kid Hurd proves to be versatile enough, he can fit right into that plan.

WHO'S NOT: Anthony Henry continues to struggle. The veteran cornerback can't fully be judged until it's full-contract AND full-speed, because his ability as a run-stopper, a tackler and a physical cover guy are best-judged under those conditions. But under THESE conditions – one-on-one drills, trying to sprint alongside receivers – he's usually a step behind.

OFFBEAT BEAT: As we told you Friday, Deion Sanders was to be here on Saturday working for the NFL Network to telecast Sunday's practice. As we usually do, we'll leave the gang-bang interview session to the rest of the media; you can get that stuff anywhere. (Though it was funny to watch Deion open the presser by pushing all the microphones below his chin "so the cameras can see my face, man.'') Instead, we go behind the scenes with Deion Sanders.

Early in the day, Deion – who charitably houses a number of kids at his home – was asked by Jerry Jones' adolescent grandson, Shy Jr., how he has room for all the youngsters.

"I got a big house,'' Deion playfully told the kid. "I got lots of rooms. I'm rich. Don't you know that? And don't you know the reason I'm rich is because your granddaddy made me rich?

QUOTABLE: Jay Novacek offers his views on coaches exclusively to "I like Wade. I liked Switzer. I liked Jimmy okay. Gene Stallings (in Arizona ) was, um, interesting. Parcells? I don't know if I could've played for Parcells.''

FISHELLANEOUS: Greg Ellis came off the sideline in the AM workout, but not to practice. Instead, the injured veteran was serving as an unofficial assistant coach. … Roy Williams credited a diet program recommended to him by Daryl Johnston for his weight loss. … DeMarcus Ware working against these tackles – McQuistan, Free, whomever – just ain't fair. … Chris Canty stirred things up by tackling Julius Jones and then shotputting him. Both men removed their helmets and jawed a bit before tempers cooled. … Jason Hatcher is a second-team end, but he's performing on par with the starters. … And yet another end-round run by Terrell Owens. They can't be spending this much time on it just to throw him a bone. They are obviously hoping this can be developed into a legit weapon.

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