Monday Training Camp Insider

SAN ANTONIO - For the first time at this training camp, thanks to news from the Monday morning workout, the Injury Update deserves its own section. Let's wade through the ups and downs.

FLOZELL ADAMS: The starting left tackle participated for the first time in camp while rehabbing from offseason knee surgery. He did not appear to be going full-speed and was held out of the challenging pass-rush drills, but he did survive the morning – which is good enough at this early stage.

"There's nothing wrong and I feel fine,'' said Flo, who added that his sitting out has been "precautionary.''

KEVIN BURNETT: The linebacker – whose promise is almost as great as his injury history -- is recovering from having been popped in the neck and head on Sunday and did not practice. What was once thought to be a concussion is now just termed a "headache.''

AARON GLENN: The backup cornerback didn't practice because of a knee problem that is a mild concern if only because of his age.

TERRY GLENN: He didn't practice, but his swollen right knee is not considered a serious problem after an MRI turned up negative. As proof, I give you coach Wade Phillips' evaluation when asked which knee is sore. "I don't know, take a guess and you've got a 50-50 chance,'' Phillips joked.

ISAIAH STANBACK: The rookie QB-turned-WR might test his foot/shin injuries later this week by attempting to make a practice debut.

MARC COLOMBO: The projected starting right tackle, Colombo (knee) hasn't practiced yet and hasn't lost ground on competition like Pat McQuistan. … yet.

GREG ELLIS: The Achilles/bursitis continues to hold him back, and the biggest news here comes from owner Jerry Jones, who put eloquently into public words what he's been trying to tell Ellis.

"We have a policy about re-negotiating contracts and we are willing to do so in the last year,'' Jones said. "But we don't do it with three or four years left on a contract. This is a team that has the ability to do big things in the next three or four years, and we need financial flexibility under the cap to do that.''

Translation: Jones thinks this team is a Super Bowl contender for the foreseeable future. … and knows he has the 2011 Super Bowl in his backyard. He simply cannot let a relative bit player on this '07 team – who is hurt! – hamstring future "big things.''

Injuries in the NFL are commonplace enough – and cap-threatening enough -- that Jerry has taken some sort of Arkansas-hunting slogan and turned it into a GM'ing battle cry.

"You gotta keep your powder dry,'' Jones is fond of saying.

WHO'S HOT: Bobby Carpenter. With Burnett absent, Carpenter received more reps with the big boys. … and had his best day at camp. Last year's No. 1 pick is a completely different type of player as an ILB than Burnett is – Burnett is a 225-pound playmaker, Carpenter more of a plugger – but he did find his way to the ball on Monday morning. He was especially effective as a blitzer.

WHO'S NOT: Well, it's not exactly that Tyson Thompson is a traditional "Not.'' In fact, he's looked as explosive as ever. It's just that the positive vibe around Jackie Battle means a challenge for No. 3 running back Thompson. And the ability of people like Miles Austin offer Tyson a challenge on special teams. Point is, if I'm Tyson Thompson, I am excited about real-game action so I can show off not only my old burst but also my new flexibility.

QUOTABLE: The quote made the front page of Monday's USA Today, so even though it's taken out of context and edited down to fit, brace yourself for these five words: "I am a question mark,'' QB Tony Romo said.

OFFBEAT BEAT: USA Today certainly got its money's worth from its visit with Romo. Among other tidbits of Offbeat Beat note: His relationship with singer Carrie Underwood.

Romo says quite plainly, "I'm not dating anyone right now.'' And even for US Magazine and and "Entertainment Tonight,'' that oughta be enough.

But for Romo's old high-school basketball coach, it's apparently not.

"If it was me, and I wasn't married with four kids,'' says Steve Brezowitz, "I'd be making more of an effort with Carrie Underwood.''

Geez, thanks, Coach Brezowitz. Just what the grown-up QB of America's Team needs: Dating advice from a high-school basketball coach in Burlington , Wisconsin .

FISHELLANEOUS: … Backup QB Brad Johnson hasn't had much success as a deep-thrower in this camp, but on Monday morning he did find tight end Anthony Fasano down field on a pair of nice throws. … Anthony Henry had a solid effort at cornerback, highlighted by a diving interception. … Adams ' return at left tackle nevertheless allowed some good work for Pat McQuistan. And at right tackle, rookie James Marten seems to have jumped ahead of Jim Molinaro, though Molinaro may have sustained a leg injury. … "I still want to play football,'' says Greg Ellis, who seems to be in some sort of a Twilight Zone around here. … For all the talk of certain coaches who portray themselves as "workaholics,'' the truth is, most all of ‘em work the same endless hours with the same endless devotion. As for good ol' boy Wade Phillips? "I haven't been anywhere except back and forth between the hotel and (the Alamodome),'' he said.

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