The Update Report Card

Quincy played a pretty even keeled game but failed in the end. His failure was due mainly to his lack of experience and trying too hard. The two fumbles dropped him down from a C+. But it is duly noted that he has now had two games of over 200 yards and tossing the ball to the other team only once.

Quincy played a pretty even keeled game but failed in the end. His failure was due mainly to his lack of experience and trying too hard. The two fumbles dropped him down from a C+. But it is duly noted that he has now had two games of over 200 yards and tossing the ball to the other team only once. He is becoming more comfortable with the offense and his job. One caveat. Run Quincy, run.

Emmitt carried the ball only 11 times. His 4.7 yards per carry was bolstered by a 19-yard run. Thirty-one yards on 10 carries will not get it done for this offense. Antonio Bryant had the big carry of the day for Dallas. The rookie needs to tuck the ball away when in traffic. The 123 yards gained against the Eagles was a productive day. But most of it was after the game had been decided.

Here is where the offensive woes lie. Emmitt and company can't find holes until the contest is over. Quincy has a good game and then the protection collapses rushing the QB and forcing errors. The projection of this unit being one of the best is quickly becoming obsolete. All defenses will pound both Emmitt and Quincy and force the young gun to beat them. If he doesn't get protection it doesn't matter if Dan Marino in his hey day takes the reigns. This team will not move the ball.

The receivers posted 181 yards after the sack losses. While that figure isn't world class, it also doesn't tell the entire story. The Eagles took the lead and then were able to play the pressure defense they normally do against the inferior Dallas talent. Had the game stay close on the scoreboard, Quincy and his crew were making steady gains and staying away from 3rd and long. A ten-point deficit to the Eagles takes that game plan away quickly.

If the money spent in the off-season is to be judged, this is the shining spot on the team. La'Roi Glover is the force Jerry paid good money for and if Greg Ellis doesn't take Glover to dinner after every game, he isn't the good guy we all think. Ellis is playing like an 8th over-all pick should and it's due to Glover. The run defense is terrific holding the runningbacks of the Eagles to 86 yards. This included trick plays. Only McNabb was effective and it came late in the play when the receivers were covered and the line was spread out. The passing rush was aggressive and vicious and caused an adjustment by Andy Reid to keep his quarterback upright.

They played the run well but the short passing game hurt them. Again Kevin Hardy is a force. And the blitzing was the pressure needed to force McNabb out of rhythm. But he ended up being far too much when he tucked the ball and ran. Their woes were brought on by another part of the team.

This area is the Tale of Two Cities. In the first quarter they were excellent. They played their coverage tight enough to bend and don't break. The defensive line had enough pressure that the weak corners were not exposed. Then the adjustment caused the weakness of the defense to be exploited by the Eagles. Hawthorne looked like a younger Kevin Smith as he flailed at James Thrash from behind while Thrash was making his Tory Holt impersonation in the endzone. Tony Dixon mimicked Hawthorne on a halfback option and gave up a touchdown. Roy Williams bit on a play-action, which allowed Antonio Freeman to have the middle of the field. Tony Dixon gave a less then full effort in attempting to tackle Freeman. I would give this squad an F if I weren't a blatant homer.

Reggie Swinton is a unique player. He ran back a kick0off for a TD and 100 yards. It scared the Eagles as Dallas pulled ahead early. He gave the team pretty slid field position the entire game. But Joe Avezanno's kicking defense needs to wake up. For the second in three games the Special teams gave up a fake punt to revive an opponent's drive. Joe needs to operate with a little more desperation or he will find himself permanently a Desperado.

I find it difficult to be too harsh on the coaching staff. They do have to start Duane Hawthorne. And the makeshift offensive line gives new meaning to the word sieve. There is only so much technique and coaching that can be done when Tony Dixon is an option on the field. The adjustment by the Eagles couldn't be countered because of lack of talent. When the coaches called the blitz McNabb merely found an open man on one of the DB's that was out of position and made the correct throw.

Much has been made about the musings of one Jerry Jones in regard to Quincy Carter. The fact that Jones stated as early as late July of 2001 his sole task is to find the next great quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys should indicate his comments only reveal his consistency of thinking.

He made the same statements about Banks before his well-timed departure. Jones is going to throw as much manpower at the ailing position until he finds the replacement for Aikman.

His indication he is still in the middle about Quincy shouldn't shock anyone. Nor should his comments be anything but a reinforcement of his belief that this is the main hub of the team and needs constant attention.

Of course sports writer's and sports talk show hosts stand at the back fence sharing the gossip and making this more than it is. Their washwoman demeanor is a thinly veiled posture to sell their product and not deliver the truth and nothing but.

Jones didn't say anything he hasn't said many times before. On a week when the Cowboys took a paddling from the Eagles, it makes for great copy. No matter how ludicrous the press is for whipping it into a frenzy.

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