Newman Putting Best Foot Forward

IRVING, Tex. - sat down with Terence Newman and Ken Hamlin Monday to discuss the latest developments in a secondary that is banged up entering its final preseason game later this week against Minnesota.

Cornerback Terence Newman said Monday his injured foot has yet to begin feeling better, and is unsure how long he'll be out.

"My foot is about the same," Newman said. "It's not getting any better yet."

Dallas head coach Wade Phillips said he thinks Newman still might be ready to play in the team's season-opening game against the New York Giants. Newman didn't sound so sure.

"Turns out it's not plantar fasciitis (an inflammation of the plantar fascia, a thick, connective tissue that supports the arch of the foot)," Newman said. "It's actually a little tear of the plantar fascia, which I guess is kind of unusual. Right now, we're waiting to see what we need to do to get it better."

Newman said he thinks that recovery process will involve rest and treatment from the Dallas medical staff, rather than surgery, although he isn't sure.

"It's something that I think could bother me the whole year," Newman said. "Right now, I can't plant on it. There are some things they (team doctors) say they can do, like freezing it during the game. But we're still not sure — not a lot of people tear it."

Newman also said the initial diagnosis encouraged him to try to play through the injury, an effort that resulted in further tests.

"I tried, when we first thought it was a bone bruise, or a heel bruise," he said. "But then they did more tests. That's when they found out there was a tear."

He will be on the field this season — he's just not sure when — and joked that the Cowboys couldn't get rid of him if they wanted to.

"I'll be back this season — nothing's going to keep me out all season," he said. "They could try to trade me, and I'll still show up."

Safety Ken Hamlin said that if Newman can't play in the team's final preseason game, this Thursday at Minnesota, that's more than acceptable if it means the star cornerback's healing process is accelerated.

"If he needs to miss the last preseason game, fine — I'll give him a hall pass," Hamlin said with a laugh. "You always want to have all the pieces of the puzzle, and he's a huge piece.

"The Giants, or whoever, aren't going to wait round for us to get healthy. He's a great player. He's so quick and athletic, he can come up and make plays. When he's there, we can do more as a defense."

"I could run a little, but not at full speed," Newman added. "I'll do it, but again, I'm not the coach."

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