'They Haven't Played Anybody Yet'

A Dallas hater will feel justified in arguing that "the Cowboys haven't played anybody yet.'' A Dallas defender might as well shrug his shoulders and feel blessed that Monday night in Buffalo, the Cowboys won't "play anybody'' again.

Oh, the Bills will show up. They'll wear their patchwork-quilt uniforms and they'll feed the ball to rookie powerback Marshawn Lynch and the always-well-lubricated fans of Western New York will boo their former pal, Wade Phillips.

And then, sometime between the moment of kickoff and the moment ESPN's Tony Kornheiser whines that he's tired and wants to hit the sack, the Bills will be revealed as an NFL team that ranks 31st in yards gained, 31st in passing yards and 31st in points scored (a paltry 10.2 per game). Those rankings aren't so bad compared to a team that ranks 32nd – of course, that team is ALSO the Bills, who are 32nd in passing yards allowed and 32nd in total yards allowed.

And meanwhile, the Cowboys will be revealed as an NFL team that leads the planet in yardage (441 p and points (a rather astounding 37.8 per game).

Do the math here: Dallas achieves 441 yards per game. Buffalo surrenders 430.5 yards per game. See why this figures to be another "they haven't played anybody'' game?

Entering the weekend, Dallas' first five opponents -- the Giants, Dolphins, Bears, Rams and Bills – were a combined 4-16. (I had to go back and re-add that three times. … can that really be right?)

In fairness to the Cowboys, one of the primary reasons the Giants, Dolphins, Bears and Rams have suffered losses is because they've played undefeated Dallas.

And in fairness to the Bills, they've experienced plenty of suffering even without meeting the ‘Boys. Receiver Peerless Price, a former Cowboy, is now out for the year with a neck injury. That makes nine Bills who are lost for the season. A team focal point was supposed to be the starting QB, J.P. Losman. He's hurt. The team focal point now is the tragically injured tight end Kevin Everett. He is now able to sit up in bed -- the 2007 Bills' version of good news. Next week, of course, the "Dallas hasn't played anybody'' argument will be silenced. It'll be New England at Dallas, the best teams in their respective conferences, and the league-wide buzz will be about how the game "could be a preview of the Super Bowl.''

Terrell Owens says the Cowboys have been able to "lay low under the radar'' while the focus has been on teams like New England. "We're just going to take care of what we need to take care of. … and eventually if we keep winning, eventually we'll get our respect.''

Can a 4-0 team really be "under the radar'' and searching for "respect''? I suppose so. … and after another "they-haven't-played-anybody'' outing on Monday night, we're going to have a 5-0 team under the radar and searching for respect.

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