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The Packers signed former Cowboy cornerback Bryant Westbrook yesterday....can you believe that? Were they watching when David Carr and company took him to the woodshed earlier this year? News on Westbrook and the warm seat that Dave Campo might be sitting on is contained in this report.

Don't Belive the Hype
Anything below an 8-win season will likely cost Dave Campo his job. Several sources close to the Cowboys' have indicated this is the case after the loss to the New York Giants this past Sunday. Campo's decision to punt late in the 4th quarter on 4th and 9 drew substantial heat from the media when the Cowboys failed to hold the Giants on defense.

Campo responded by saying, "If you miss the fourth down at the 50, the game's over," Campo said. "If you stop them backed up, you've got a chance to get four more downs with a little less than a minute to play. That was the decision." You heard it here first, 8 wins is the magic number, and that still might not get it done.

Better You Than Me
Former Cowboy cornerback Bryant Westbrook signed with the Green Bay Packers today. The Cowboys cut him on September 18th after he committed two penalties in the season-opening loss to the expansion Texans. Westbrook also suffered from Achilles tendinits with the Cowboys on his right leg during the preseason.

"He had a good workout with us," said Packers coach and GM Mike Sherman. "He showed a good burst and corner skills. He's a heavy hitter. Possibly could play safety at some point for us. I think he gives us that opportunity."

The former Longhorn has struggled mightly in his attempt to regain his pro-bowl form of two years ago. All I have to say is that I'm glad he's up there and not still here. He was absolutely the worst pick up by the Cowboys during the offseason.

Another Crucial Game
It seems like every week is the biggest game of the season for the Cowboys, and this week is no different. Following a gut-wrenching loss to the Giants, it will be imperative for the Boys to pick up a win over a team that's lost two in a row. The Panthers are 0-4 in the last 3 seasons against the NFC East and 5-10 overall in their first 7 years in the league.

Slap in the Face
The Dallas Morning News will report Thursday that FB Robert Thomas took a significant cut in pay at the end of the preseason this year.

"He was told if he didn't sign a new contract, he would be released from the team and replaced by Derrick Harris, a fifth-year fullback the Cowboys brought in late in training camp," the report says.

Based on these reports, it sounds like Thomas' days as a Cowboy might be numbered. Especially when you consider that he broke the league's substance abuse policy last year. Anybody talk to Jamar Martin lately? He may be, wait, he will be your starting fullback next season.

Get Your Tickets
The Cowboys announced yesterday that about 2,000 tickets remain for Sunday's game against the Panthers at Texas Stadium. For ticket information, call 972-785-5000. A majority of those must be sold by noon Thursday to avoid a television blackout under current NFL rules.

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