'Boys Looking for NFC East Title

The Cowboys are pleased with their 6-1 start but they know they have miles to go before they sleep.

Most notably, the Cowboys must take care of business in the NFC East before they can realize their Super Bowl dreams.

Five of the team's final nine games are divisional games, including the next three -- at the Eagles and Giants before a home game against the Redskins.

The Cowboys have not won a division title since 1998. The Cowboys were 2-4 in the NFC East last season, which included being swept by the Eagles. That the Eagles have won five of the last six division titles has the Cowboys focused on taking care of business this Sunday.

Never mind the Eagles' 3-4 record, they are an improving and motivated football team that would love nothing better than to right its season with a victory against the Cowboys.

"It doesn't make any difference," Cowboys coach Wade Phillips said of the Eagles' record. "I think they're playing well now and (quarterback Donovan) McNabb said it, you got to go through Philadelphia to win the division and win the conference. That's what we're going to try to do."

Phillips and the Cowboys spent their bye Sunday watching the Eagles beat the Vikings.

What caught their eye the most was the play of McNabb, who is getting stronger and faster as the season goes along.

"I think you just worry about him," Phillips said. "I think he said it this week that he feels like he's back. He's got that burst back. He had 300-something yards passing this game and scrambled around and ran a quarterback draw -- things that he's done in the past. I think that's going to be tough on the rest of the teams he plays, and we're the first one he gets to play this week."

MONDAY NOTES: Quarterback Tony Romo is enjoying his newfound fame. Last week, he was seen with actress Sophia Bush. This weekend, he partied in Los Angeles with Britney Spears.

Listen to Romo, however, and it's all just a coincidence.

"We were at the same place," Romo said of Spears. "I wasn't partying with her, that's for sure. She's a nice girl though."

--The Cowboys eased back into things following their off week. They returned to just a walk-through practice on Monday.

Coach Wade Phillips knows things will heat up quite a bit over the final nine weeks. He said the easy practice was good for the body and mind.

"I thought the rest was good for us," Phillips said. "I want us to bounce back as far as our legs are concerned. I want us to be in good shape physically. I think it helps mentally also."

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