A Little Luck Never Hurts

Just when it seemed like the game, and perhaps even the season was lost Sunday afternoon, Quincy Carter carried the Cowboys to a miraculous come-from-behind win over the Panthers. You can only say one thing after a win like that, "A little luck never hurts."

What a bizarre game Sunday afternoon in Texas Stadium. The Dallas Cowboys, left dead in the water trailing 13-0 late in the 4th quarter, received two little miracles to help the team climb back to the .500 mark through the first 6 games of the season.

The first one came on an incredible 80-yard touchdown pass with just under 4 minutes remaining in the game.

Quincy Carter, who seemingly struggled all game long, scrambled out of the pocket, nearly fell flat on his face due to pressure from Panthers' DE Brenston Buckner, and heaved a pass 40 yards down the right sideline towards Joey Galloway.

The pass itself was nearly intercepted by Panthers cornerback Deon Grant, but as Grant leaped in the air, the ball sailed harmlessly off of the top of his hands, right into the arms of Galloway.

"We had a deep ball called but I turned back and saw Quincy scrambling. Once he threw it, I knew the only thing I could do was catch it off a deflection and fortunately that's how it worked out," said Galloway.

The end result was an 80-yard touchdown pass and the beginning of an incredible rally for the Cowboys.

"Sometimes the ball just has to bounce your way," head coach Dave Campo would say in his post game press conference.

"That play could've gone either way, but it shows you have to stay in the game and play to the end. That play really gave us some extra juice and I think it carried over to our next drive."

On the ensuing possesion, the Cowboys held Carolina on 3rd-and-long to allow Carter one more opportunity to work his magic.

Dallas drove deep into Carolina territory but faced a 4th and 6 with time winding down. After calling timeout, Carter would complete a 10-yard strike to Darnay Scott using a play that wasn't even in the day's game plan.

The completion would send the Texas Stadium crowd into a frenzy, but the best from Quincy Carter and company was yet to come.

The Cowboys would actually lose yardage on their next 3 plays only to be left with a 4th and 16 with just over 55 seconds left in the game.

As Carter took the snap just outside the 23-yard line, he sat in the pocket and waited for one of his wide receivers to break free. That wide receiver would be rookie Antonio Byrant.

The offensive line gave Carter just enough time to rifle a beautiful pass into the endzone right between two defenders. Bryant leaped up in the air and brought the ball into his body in one long juggling motion.

While in the air, the ball would stay out of his control, but as he fell down, he held onto the ball and regained complete possession.

Bryant's touchdown would stand after a replay and the Cowboys would hold on for the improbable 14-13 victory.

"He gave me a perfect passing lane between the their two linebackers," said Carter of the game-winning touchdown reception by Bryant.

"And then he just went up there and made a great catch. He did a great job of getting where he had to be and then he ended up making the play of the game."

That play of the game single handily lifted the Cowboys to 3-3 on the year, just one game (in the loss column) behind the 1st place Philadelphia Eagles.

Call it what you want, but the Cowboys had lady luck on their side Sunday afternoon. All you have to do is watch the last 5 minutes of the game to prove it to yourself.

"Sometimes all the things you planned didn't work, so then you have to go into your back of tricks and pull out some more," Carter would say afterwards.

You can call it luck, or you can refer to those two scoring plays as tricks, but whatever it is, I'd like to see it a lot more of it over the course of the next 10 games.

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