'Tea And Croquettes' On The Eagles' Road

IRVING, Tex. -- In many ways, Donovan McNabb comes across as a keen student of the game. But I'm guessing that back when he was a student, he flunked reading, ‘rithmatic and home ec.

Why does the Philadelphia QB seem lacking in reading? Because the standings are right there in the newspaper, and he can't comprehend them. Why does he seem lacking in math? Because his Eagles were 2-4 – 3.5 games behind the 6-1 Cowboys – when he announced last week that "the NFC East championship comes through Philadelphia.''

And the home ec failure? McNabb this week said that his relationship with mate-turned-foe Terrell Owens is repaired, and that they've shared "tea and croquette.''

It's "tea and crumpets,'' bro. Tea and crumpets. McNabb does have his strengths, though. As Dallas comes off the bye with Sunday's visit to Philly – where the Cowboys have won only once since 1989 – the Eagles' go-to guy has played well enough to lead his team to. … Wait a minute!

Despite McNabb and the Eagles' perennial contention and frequent NFC Championship Game participation, this year's Philadelphia squad is just 3-4. And the Eagles are in last place in the NFC East.

Nevertheless, McNabb is still talking a good game.

"That's just the way it is. It's just reality," McNabb said to the DFW media on Wednesday in a continuation of his Road-through-Philly approach. "When you want to be the best and be the heavyweight champion, you can beat everyone that you're fighting. But no one will look to you as the champion unless you beat the champion.''

It can be argued that McNabb is doing his part. He threw for 333 yards in a 23-16 win at Minnesota last week. A win over Dallas this weekend – not inconceivable, given the fact that Philly swept the Cowboys a year ago – would keep McNabb's squad afloat.

At 4-4.

Which, if they pull it off, would lift them all the way up to. …

Wait a minute!

They'd still be chained in the basement of the NFC East.

The fact is, LAST year's road went through Philadelphia. This year in the division, it's the Cowboys who are making people endure the potholes, pay the tolls, and ultimately make U-turns away from victory.

Along that road, though, maybe the Eagles can stop at a drive-thru window to order up some tea and some croquettes. … er, crumpets.

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