Tuesday News & Notes

Now that the Cowboys are 8-1, the question in Dallas is do they have what it takes to finish it off?

Not just make the playoffs, but make a Super Bowl run. This is the team's best start since 1995, when they won their last Super Bowl. It has been nothing but disappointment since.

The Cowboys have not won a playoff game since 1996.

In fact, many times they have started strong and looked to have the makings of a contender only to tail off when it mattered most.

That was especially the case the last four years under Bill Parcells.

Owner Jerry Jones thinks this team could be different because of the laidback atmosphere fostered by new coach Wade Phillips.

The loosey-goosey Cowboys don't get down when things get tight.

"It's a good atmosphere because we believe in each other," Phillips said. "The thing I like about the team is no matter what happens, they keep looking forward. If the defense doesn't make a play, the offense doesn't worry about it and vice versa. They seem to be on an even keel."

What's also different about this team is the aggressive play-calling of offensive coordinator Jason Garrett.

Too many times under Parcells, the Cowboys grew conservative and tight in crunch time.

"While I'm a believer in keeping it pretty reduced and I agreed with Bill Parcells' philosophy, one of the things that was pointed out to me was that we still probably needed more at the end of the year," Jones said. "I'm not talking about energy or skill. I am talking about the ability to do some things that people haven't seen before as we go into the playoffs."

TUESDAY NOTES: LT Flozell Adams had his best game of the season against the Giants. He limited Osi Umenyiora to no sacks.

And it couldn't have come at a better time as Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is not talking about a contract extension for Adams.

Adams is a free agent after the season and there were many in Cowboys circles who thought the team might move guard Leonard Davis to tackle and let Adams walk after the season.

--Cowboy coach Wade Phillips welcomes the three straight home games at Texas Stadium.

Never mind that they come in the next 17 days. The Cowboys host the Redskins Sunday, the Jets Nov. 22 and the Packers Nov. 29.

After being on the road the last two weeks against the Eagles and Giants -- the Cowboys have now won eight straight road games -- Phillips said it's good to be home again.

"We feel comfortable at home," Phillips said. "Although we played exceptionally well on the road, you still feel better at home in front of the home crowd."

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