Owens Has Comments for Key

After a quiet season, the old Terrell Owens showed up on Wednesday. Or at least Owens' mouth did.

Is it a coincidence that Owens sounded off the week following his lowest output of the season -- he had three catches against Detroit while tight end Jason Witten caught a team-record 15 passes?

That is unknown.

But something made Owens go off.

On the surface, it was the Eagles, his former team that comes to Texas Stadium on Sunday, and ESPN analyst Keyshawn Johnson.

On Sunday, Johnson said Owens should just accept the fact that Bill Parcells built the current Cowboys team and quit going out of his way to discredit him.

"I challenge him to come down here and take my job. ESPN producers, let him go," Owens said.

Owens believes Johnson defended Parcells because of their cozy coach/player relationship, something Owens didn't have with Parcells. So he continued to pile on Johnson.

"I'm probably the reason he's in the booth now," Owens said. "He's going to be a hater and throw me under the bus because he has to defend Bill. He won a Super Bowl and all, but you'd have to check the roster to know he was even on the team. We came out in the same year. He was a first-rounder and I was a third. Go compare our stats. He couldn't come down here now and be a third or fourth receiver on this team. Just compare our stats."

Owens said it's not about him not giving Parcells credit, it's about him praising coach Wade Phillips in how he handled this team.

"It's not a matter of me giving or not giving Bill credit," Owens said. "Everybody wants to make a big deal, that this is the team he built. It doesn't matter. ... My thing is give credit to Wade. The difference between Wade and Parcells is this: Parcells, he didn't use me as a playmaker; Wade, he got the staff, and that's what I'm being used as.

"Plain and simple, without trying to be negative or anything. I'm being used as a playmaker, and as I said, the proof is in the pudding."

"Those guys are probably talking about me, chopping it up, drinking coffee," Owens continued. "They can have their little pity party and talk about me all day long. It doesn't bother me. There's a lot of people on the ESPN panel and across the country that has observed what has happened this year versus last year. And there's a lot of people that just don't want to give credit for what Wade has done and what wasn't done last year. That's it. I'm not trying to be negative."

As far as the Eagles are concerned, Owens said one of the reasons his former team is in decline is because he is no longer there.

"He was a weapon while he was here," Eagles safety Brian Dawkins said. "Let's face it; he was a weapon while he was here. He did a lot of good things in the year we went to the Super Bowl. What we have on this team, if you look at the games we've lost, we could have and should have won, regardless of whether he or anybody else is here or not. We have what it takes to win on this team; we just have not gotten it done for whatever reason. I think I mentioned earlier the reason why that is, is we've made too many mistakes and allowed teams to capitalize. Yes, he was a good player while he was here; that has gone and passed. We have moved on."

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