'The Parcells-Guy Shuffle

IRVING, Tex. -- "The Parcells-Guy Shuffle'' is about to have a great impact on the Dolphins, a middling impact on the Cowboys and maybe even a trickle-down effect in a place like Arizona, where a betting man might want to wager a buck that Cardinals offensive coordinator Todd Haley will end up somewhere on his old mentor's Miami radar.

Let's walk through some of the Parcells-related dominoes:

First to the Miami front office, where new Dolphins dictator Parcells has hired away from Dallas the scouting chief Jeff Ireland, who will be his new GM in Miami.

Next, Parcells will need a coach. Dallas assistant Tony Sparano is already scheduling interviews while also being buzzed about for openings in Atlanta and Baltimore. Cowboys offensive coordinator Jason Garrett – unlike Sparano not a coach with Parcellsian connections – is on that same coaching carousel.

I say smart money suggests that Garrett understands the bright future he has with the Cowboys – financially and otherwise – and that he can be convinced to stay on, likely as a contracted heir to Wade Phillips' corner office. That could mean a possible vacancy somewhere for the man who preceded Garrett in Dallas: Cardinals aide Todd Haley.

"I'm very happy with Arizona and with the way we've started to right the ship here,'' Haley told TheRanchReport.com in an exclusive visit on Wednesday night. "But of course you always have to be interested in a chance to be a head coach in the NFL.''

Haley's chance could come on the strength of what he did with Parcells. In 2006, he was the "passing-game coordinator'' and called those plays, while Sparano led the running game. What Dallas did in the air in 2006: Achieve 1,000-yard seasons for two receivers and an 800-yard season for a tight end, rank 5th in the NFL, reveal the brilliance of QB Tony Romo and arguably lay the groundwork for what Garrett has done since.

What Haley has done under head coach Ken Whisenhunt in one season in Arizona: Gotten the Cardinals to the No. 5 spot in the NFL in passing, all while playing with an assortment of scraggly quarterbacks and with injuries to standout receivers.

It's about connections, and Haley, 41 in February, has them: He is the son of former Jets GM Dick Haley, and he is a guy who got his first pro job by being hired by. … Parcells. It is no secret that Haley looks up to Parcells, and that they have a tight relationship.

Haley, however, has not been in association with Ireland as long as Sparano has. And Parcells has indicated his GM will have a strong voice in the hiring of a coach.

Speaking of the scouting department at Valley Ranch: I hear Ireland will be wanting to take Dallas scout Brian Gaine with him, yet he leaves some good hands behind. Veteran scouts like Walt Juliff. Veteran scouts with administrative skills like Tom Ciskowski. Up-and-comers like Will McClay, who may be ready to put his Dallas Desperadoes work behind him to focus full-time on the Cowboys draft.

To Parcells' credit, his "coaching tree'' is an impressive one.

Sparano has emerged publically. So has Garrett. The public might want to brace itself for the emergence of more "Parcells Guy'' names – and make sure it includes Todd Haley on that list.

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