So What?

So, Tony Romo spent the weekend in Cancun with celebrity girlfriend Jessica Simpson. Where should he have been during the Cowboys' bye week? Watching game tape at the team's workout facility?

While Romo's whereabouts and focus have conjured up a firestorm among fans and media critics heading into Sunday's NFC divisional playoffs, the Cowboys' players and coaches have no problems with the quarterback's off-field affairs -- as long as he produces when it counts.

"I don't care if he went to the moon," linebacker Greg Ellis said. "As long as when 3:30 Sunday gets here he is throwing touchdown passes."

Coach Wade Philips has no problem with Romo vacationing in Mexico because he told the players to relax and get off their feet.

Phillips said the ongoing controversy comes with the package of being a celebrity.

"I don't know (good or bad)," Phillips. "There's just so much information out there, whether it's important or not, I don't know. People want to know. We're in the entertainment business, we're not just in football. The players, especially good star players, are kind of like people in the entertainment business, they follow them around, take their pictures and say boy they went here, so-and-so is dating so-and-so. I think it's just part of the business. I think people read it or like to read it, but it doesn't affect our football team."

Phillips said he will not address it with the team. But he doesn't think it's a big deal.

"If I thought it was a distraction, I would, sure," Phillips said. "But what grown men do on their own time, a lot of them are married. I don't go into married life, I don't go into those kind of things. Same thing. Some of them are dating, some of them go different places. I think we have a good solid team as far as off the field, we haven't had any problems, knock on wood and all of that. We've had a pretty solid group, overall."

TUESDAY NOTES: The Cowboys have never beaten one team three times in one season. To advance in the playoffs they will have to do just that against the Giants, whom they swept in the regular season.

The last time the Cowboys faced the scenario was in 1999 against the Cardinals. They beat the Cardinals twice in the regular season but lost to them in the playoffs.

"I think it's tough," coach Wade Phillips said. "I think it's tough. Division team, especially our division. We've got two teams out of the four in the final four. We didn't have to play to get there, but I thought we might even have three of us in there because we had a tough, tough division with very good teams in it. Out of the three losses we had two of them were to division teams, so it's a tough division and we're playing a division team.

--The Cowboys and Giants have faced off against each other 92 times. But they have never played in a post-season game. That changes on Sunday when the two meet in the NFC divisional playoffs.

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