COMMENTARY: Confidence in Glenn?

How confident could the Cowboys possibly be in the stability of Terry Glenn's knee?

Tip your cap to Terry Glenn.

The 13-year veteran came back in 2007 after having two surgeries on his banged up right knee. True, he only played in one game in the regular season, and in the Cowboys Divisional round loss to the New York Giants, but still he came back.

Some players would have taken off, packed their bags for 2008. But not Terry Glenn, he came back, wanting to be a part of a Super Bowl run.

And now it appears he wants to be back with the Cowboys in 2008. After reports have surfaced on multiple media outlets within the past week that Dallas may be looking to move on without him, Glenn is doing everything in his power to make sure he remains at Valley Ranch at least one more season.

In fact, Thursday it was reported that Glenn was considering postponing further surgery needed on his right knee in hopes of being able to play for Dallas next season.

In the grand scheme of things, don't you have to wonder if that is really such a good idea?

Keep in mind we are talking about the same knee he already had two surgeries on last year. In addition, doctors have already suggested he needs microfracture surgery, which may take as long as a year to recover from if he elects to have it.

A year is too long for the Cowboys and too long for Terry Glenn as well.

So now, here he is, faced with the idea the Cowboys are moving in a different direction, looking to get younger at wide receiver.

If you were Terry Glenn, wouldn't you want to postpone your surgery in the hopes of playing in the NFL one more year?

Sure you would.

That's at least two to three more million dollars in your back pocket. That's money that would take a long time to earn once you retire from the game.

At the same time, the Cowboys know his knee isn't a 100 percent.

The Cowboys know even if he elects not to have surgery the chances of him playing an entire season in 2008 are slim, if that. After all, how could his injured knee possibly hold up for 16 games and the playoffs if he needs microfracture surgery to repair it now?

Owner Jerry Jones is expected to meet with Glenn soon about his future with the team.

You have to imagine at some point Jerry will have a difficult decision to make.

Keep Glenn and hope that knee holds up? Or let him go and move on, knowing he can likely grab an elite level wide out in the first round of the upcoming draft.

I know what Jerry should do. Unfortunately that doesn't make it any easier.

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