Woodson Hit With Huge Fine

Dallas Cowboys safety Darren Woodson was fined $75,000 by the NFL on Wednesday for a hit on Seattle's Darrell Jackson last Sunday. Jackson suffered a seizure after the game and spent a night in the hospital. Woodson did not comment on the fine, adding, "I can't change the way I was taught how to play."

The fine was announced after a league meeting at which commissioner Paul Tagliabue said the NFL will continue to take strong measures on hard and high hits on quarterbacks and receivers.

Gene Washington, the NFL Director of Football Operations, issued the fine Wednesday and wrote a letter to Woodson that any repeat helmet-to-helmet violation would likely result in a suspension.

He was also fined $7,500 twice before this year for hits, one on Houston tight end Billy Miller and the other on Arizona quarterback Jake Plummer.

Woodson hit Jackson high and hard to the head in the fourth quarter Sunday. He was penalized on the play, which helped extend the drive that led to the Seahawks' winning field goal in a 17-14 victory.

Jackson collapsed in the locker room and had a seizure. He was hospitalized overnight in Dallas and released Monday. He is expected to be fine.

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