Dallas Meeting with Zach Thomas

INDIANAPOLIS - Former Miami Dolphins linebacker Zach Thomas has arrived in Indianapolis to meet with the Dallas Cowboys.

The Dallas Cowboys are meeting with free agent linebacker Zach Thomas Friday to discuss the possibility of signing the former Pro Bowl linebacker.

Thomas has already met with New Orleans and New England and has been offered contracts with both teams.

He was expected to meet with Dallas after the Combine next week, however with the recent contracts extended by two teams, talks have been pushed up.

Considering Thomas has always played in the 4-3 and is an undersized linebacker, there is a question of how he would fit into the 3-4 defense, where size at linebacker is a key factor.

However, coach Wade Phillips is a Zach Thomas fan from way back. And he of course he has a history of plugging square pegs into round holes.

In San Diego he used the undersized Donnie Edwards very effectively at inside linebacker in his 3-4 defense.

So if the Cowboys determine that Thomas is healthy enough to handle the rigors of playing inside linebacker in the 3-4 defense they might get into bidding for the former Texas Tech star.

Keep in mind Thomas' 2007 season was prematurely ended by a concussion.

But the 12-year veteran says he is healthy and ready to go -- a fact confirmed by the decision by the Patriots to extend him a contract offer.

If the Cowboys do go after Thomas he will likely compete with Akin Ayodele and Kevin Burnett for a starting role opposite Bradie James.

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