10 Observations Before Tonight's Deadline

Ten Cowboys things I need to get off my chest as tonight's free agency deadline quickly approaches.

1: The Pro Bowl serves as a family vacation for most of the players who attend – unless you're a single fella, in which case it can be a rockin' party. The fact that Tony Romo was joined in Hawaii earlier this month by Jessica Simpson tells you which camp he is presently in.

2: In terms of connections, new linebackers coach Reggie Herring is a Texas kinda guy, a Brian Stewart guy, a Dom Capers guy and even a Jimmy Johnson kinda guy. But don't discount the fact that, having coached forever at Arkansas, he's also a Jerry Jones kinda guy.

3: So. … about Jerry and the Razorbacks: It makes all the sense in the world to hire good men from the pool of coaches you know, you respect, you trust. Jones undoubtedly knows Herring – and can easily pick up the phone and get Herring references from people like Frank Broyles and Houston Nutt. Completely justifiable, to hire a coach from Arkansas because you like him personally. But that doesn't go for players. So quit assuming that Jones is in love with Darren McFadden just ‘cause they're both Hogs, OK?

4: Hate to say "I told you so,'' but. … No, wait. I'm human. I LOVE to say "I told you so.'' So I refer you back to a Ranch Report piece on Jan. 23, when we directed you to the connections that could lead to the Cowboys interviewing Dom Capers and Brett Maxie. What we said at the time was that Capers was connected enough to get interviewed here, but that he'd surely be able to find a better gig than position coach. And what else we said at the time was that Maxie has Phillips-family roots and would therefore be worthy of consideration. What, you think we just throw names against a wall to see if they stick?

5: Speaking of coaching hires. … Jim Zorn? The guy doesn't even know what the Redskins team colors are! In a division where the Giants' coaching staff is the defending NFC champs, the Cowboys' coaching staff is loaded with head coaches past, present and future and the Eagles' coaching staff can boast of four straight NFC titles, the Redskins just hired quite possibly the least qualified new head coach in NFL history. Good luck, Jim, overseeing the "maroon and black.''

6: The Pro Bowl is supposed to be a mail-it-in, and has long been subject to Fix-It Plans by the media, fans, and yes, privately, the league itself. ("Move it to the week before the Super Bowl?'' "Turn it into a football version of "ABC's Superstars'?'') But it's OK to leave it just as it is – fun and watchable and more intense than usual – as long as its participants include Marion Barber, Terrell Owens, Tony Romo and, just to make this item less Cowboys-biased, Adrian Peterson. Watching Romo have fun, watching T.O. involve himself in drama, watching MB3 "out-intensity'' everybody else, and watching AD electrify the island. … well worth paying a little attention to on an otherwise lazy Sunday afternoon.

7: Two points about Flozell Adams: First, the Cowboys need to figure out a way to get him re-signed before tonight's 11 PM free agent deadline; he's grossly underrated as a player. And second, please don't consider moving Leonard Davis to another position should a deal not be reached (and we here it will be by the way).

8: The more time passes and the more memories fade, don't you become more accepting of the idea that the Cowboys should truly investigate the acquisition of Pacman Jones?

9: I think I'm being impartial when I say Dallas employs, all things considered (youth, depth, QB'ing) one of the three or four best overall rosters in football. With $20 million worth of cap room and two No. 1 picks, I think I'm being impartial when I say that the Cowboys are two correct moves away from having the best roster in football.

10: No football more on Sundays. I guess it's time to clean the garage.

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