No Surprise, Adams Re-signed

IRVING, Texas -- It's a good thing we at have two hands.

We're going to need one to pat newly-re-upped Cowboy Flozell Adams on the back. We'll use the other one to pat ourselves on the back for believing all along that Adams was going nowhere.

Seriously, congratulations goes to the Cowboys, to Adams, and to agent Jordan Woy, an underrated piece of this beat-the-free-agency deadline puzzle. We've simply been happy to be along for the ride – and to take subscribers along with us.

News of Adams' new deal – and count this as another scoop (but only if it comes true!), we hear it's a six-year commitment -- came down officially at 5:41 p.m. today, and while it is pleasant news, it is not surprising news. Not to us.

Consider what we wrote nine days ago, when we broke the pivotal news that Flozell had switched representatives, to Dallas-based agent Jordan Woy:

We've learned that he's changed agents, from Roosevelt Barnes to Jordan Woy, the highly-respected Dallas-based agent with a long and cooperative history of dealing with the Cowboys.

"I think there is already an understanding between the two parties of at least one thing,'' Woy tells "Flozell Adams is considered as good a left tackle as there is in the game.''

Woy tells us, "We believe we're going to end up on the same page. It will be better for both sides to get it worked out as quickly as possible.''

The switch to Woy could conceivably smooth the negotiation process. … "It's just part of the process of hopefully keeping Flozell Adams a Cowboy,'' Woy said.

Woy is not flashy like Drew Rosenhaus. He spends most of his free time not jet-setting around the planet but doting on his young daughters. His wardrobe isn't even attention-getting. (If we see him out socially one more time wearing that familiar gray golf shirt, we'll be tempted to drag him down to Target to at least buy a different-colored one.)

But we knew going into this deal that he gets things done – especially when he's representing a reasonable client and working with his hometown Cowboys.

Now consider what we wrote this morning, still offering the impression that this thing was on the right track.

Two points about Flozell Adams: First, the Cowboys need to figure out a way to get him re-signed before tonight's 11 PM free agent deadline; he's grossly underrated as a player. And second … we here it (a deal) will be (reached) by the way.

Or you could go back to the Jan. 23rd article here on suggesting Flozell wanted to stay in Dallas and would do everything within his reason to do so.

Or finally, review what we offered you just after 3 p.m. today, when the Adams situation was the last standing "bowling pin'':

But what was all along Job 1 is now the one job left: Attempting to negotiate with Adams and his agent, Jordan Woy, to cut a deal that would preclude his free agency. Many mainstream-media reports have suggested that both parties are comfortable allowing Adams to being a FA, knowing that he could always re-sign here eventually. But that is in conflict with what – which first broke this week's news of Adams' decision to change agents to the Dallas-based Woy – has been told all week.

It is absolutely the intent of Woy and Stephen Jones – the Cowboys' point man who has worked on the other side of the table of Woy for 18 years – to find a compromise point by 11 p.m.

Now, we didn't get everything exactly right. In fact, we committed two glaring errors.

1) We misspelled "hear.'' (And we're blaming Philpott.)

2) It didn't take anything close to "by 11 p.m.'' It was instead done in time for a celebratory dinner.

Flozell, Woy and the Cowboys deserve filet mignon. The staff at is at least worthy of a wild night at The Waffle House.

This is just a first in a series of moves the Cowboys are expected to make in free agency. Stay tuned to for the latest.

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