Thanks but No Thanks

Disappointed the Cowboys haven't made a bigger splash in free agency just yet? You shouldn't be. In fact if you are a true fan of the Dallas Cowboys, you should be dancing in the street right about now.

At least you should be based on the events of the past 24 hours.

While it had been rumored for weeks the Cowboys were interested in free agent wide receiver Javon Walker, and they were by the way, nobody in their right mind could have predicted what happened yesterday afternoon.

Except Al Davis and the Oakland Raiders.

According to several published reports, Walker has agreed to a six-year $55 million contract that apparently includes more than $16 million in guarantees.

Good call Jerry Jones.

That's Randy Moss kind-of-money for a player that caught 26 passes for 287 yards and no touchdowns in just eight games last season.

That's Randy Moss kind-of-money for a player who has already had to suffer through three knee operations and may have to have another one before he catches another pass in the NFL.

Say what?

Maybe there's a reason why Walker's agent didn't return calls made by within the past week- he knew the Cowboys weren't going to pay that kind of money while also figuring the Raiders probably would.

Don't misconstrue what I'm saying here. I wish the best for Walker and hope he lives up the enormous contract he's on the verge of signing. Both him and his agent, Kennard McGuire, got what they could, when they get could it.

But from a Cowboys' perspective, I'd have to walk away from a such a deal.

No, actually make that run away. And surely, that's exactly what the Cowboys did.

While still in need of a wide receiver that can stretch the field alongside of aging stars Terrell Owens and Terry Glenn (if he's back in 2008), Dallas can find better alternatives- likely in the upcoming draft.

Michigan State's Devin Thomas or Texas wide out Limas Sweed come to mind. Maybe even Michigan's Mario Manningham.

Cowboys' scouts have already been heavily involved with all three players and they know at least one will likely be available when Dallas goes on the clock with the No. 22 pick.

Worry about your needs at wide receiver at that point in time, not now. Not when teams are throwing out $55 million contract to injured wide outs with potential chips on their shoulder.

Jerry Jones made a good call by not getting into a "let's see who can pay Javon Walker more" contest with the craziest of crazy owners - Al Davis.

And while some fans continue to gripe about Dallas not making a splash in free agency up to this point, perhaps the biggest splashes are those not made.

Especially when it comes to injured veteran wide receivers commanding the kind of money that should be saved for the best players in the league.

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