First Round WR Set with Four Visits

One of the top wide receivers available in the 2008 NFL Draft is set with four visits in the coming month- including one to the Dallas Cowboys.

The Cowboys are scheduled to visit with Oklahoma receiver Malcolm Kelly next month, according to his agent Chad Speck.

Kelly also has visits scheduled with the Pittsburgh Steelers, Buffalo Bills, Minnesota Vikings and Washington Redskins, with other visits being set up.

Kelly is scheduled to have his pro day on April 9 at Oklahoma and then visit with the Vikings on April 10 (although that visit may not entail any physical work) and Dallas later in the month.

Kelly, who measured in at the NFL Scouting Combine at 6-foot-3 5/8 and 224 pounds, is expected to be selected anywhere from the middle of the first round to the start of the second. The Cowboys currently have the No. 22 and No. 28 overall picks in the first round.

"My greatest strength is probably just being a deep threat, a down-the-field threat," Kelly said, later adding that he compares with Detroit's Roy Williams at the pro level. "That's the part of the offense I played at Oklahoma, just going down the field and making plays. Just good hand-eye coordination no matter where the ball is, being strong and going up and getting the ball out of the air and not waiting for the ball to come down and get you."

Kelly did not run or lift at the Combine because of a quad injury he suffered in Oklahoma's bowl game, and he said at the Combine that he would not be participating in the Sooners' pro day but would conduct a personal pro day in early April. He said the quad injury was treated properly initially because they believed he had a different injury and that delayed his healing process.

He met with several teams at the Combine, including the St. Louis Rams and Miami Dolphins, and said interviewing with teams was a little different than he expected.

"I never really did anything on the (chalk) board, as far as writing or whatever. I mean, I know it. I know how to draw up coverages and stuff like that, but I wasn't expecting to do it," he said.

After reviewing film on Kelly,'s Tom Marino has the wideout rated as a first-round value and the No. 2 receiver on his draft board behind Michigan State's Devin Thomas, who is also scheduled to visit the Vikings.

"Impressive-looking player with excellent hands, body control and ability to adjust to the ball," Marino wrote in his evaluation of Kelly. "Catches equally well on or off his person. Uses size to effectively shield defenders on under routes or in the red zone. Has the athletic ability and strength to avoid the hold-up and the speed to climb a defender on his open releases. Liked his ability to snatch the ball away from his body. Should factor quickly as an inside receiver and develop into a front-line player."

While Kelly believes he has the speed to be a deep threat in the NFL, he admits he needs to work on his route-running because he wasn't asked to do much besides downfield routes in college.

"I really don't think it was a problem in college, but just getting in and out of my breaks," he said when asked what he needs to improve upon. "I didn't have problems getting open in college, but the NFL (defensive backs) are going to be a lot more swift and a lot more on point to breaking on your route. So that'll probably be the one area of my game I really need to improve."

He added later: "You're not going to go out there and the first day you're out there it's just going to come to you. Unless you're Adrian Peterson."

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