Arkansas Jerry? Not so Fast

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is partial to Arkansas players.

And why not? He is a Razorback himself, even playing on a national championship team at Arkansas.

So every chance he gets, he will sign a Razorback to the Cowboys roster.


At least that's point of view of most pundits in their continued attempts to link the Cowboys with the rumors that they will trade up to draft Arkansas running back Darren McFadden.

McFadden is a top-five talent and the Cowboys have two first-round draft picks to bargain with. So its stands to reason that Jones will sell the farm to draft a beloved Razorback.

Clearly that has been his track record since buying the Cowboys in 1989.


"Let's see... let's see," he said tongue in check. "There is going to be one that jumps completely out here in a minute, but I can't remember it off-hand."

"That's not my history," Jones said.


The Cowboys have drafted 176 players in Jones' tenure, and none have been Razorbacks.

In fact, the only Arkansas player ever drafted by the Cowboys was Jerry Dorsey in 1970.

The Cowboys may indeed draft an Arkansas player this year. But look for it to be McFadden's running back mate Felix Jones, who should be available when the team picks at 22 or 28.

Jones said while the team likes McFadden, as does everyone else, he can't justify trading that many picks plus guaranteeing the huge contract.

If truth be told, the first time the Cowboys actually went after a Razorback to help them win was last offseason when they signed former Arkansas star Ken Hamlin as a free agent to help upgrade the safety position.

Hamlin was a huge hit, making the Pro Bowl for the first time last year.

But that's just it, the Cowboys went after Hamlin because of what he could do on the field, not because of college roots. Jones however didn't deny knowing about Hamlin's ability because of watching him in college.

"I went after him because it was interesting," Jones said. "I was familiar with him because of my interest looking at (Arkansas) and knew about him. He'd be the best one."

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