The Latest on Pacman to Dallas

It was almost a month ago told its subscribers a Pacman to Dallas trade was in the works. Today, we bring you the latest news on what appears to be in the works.

A fifth round pick?

A fourth round pick?

What about a third?

At this point, that could be all that is separating controversial cornerback/kick returner Pacman Jones from joining the Dallas Cowboys, is hearing.

Sure, the rap sheet is long. The risk is undeniable.

Pacman Jones has proven he has had difficulty staying out of trouble both in college and throughout his short career in the National Football League.

However the reward could be a World Championship.

Given his kick return and coverage ability Jones would be a natural fit in the Dallas defense. The Cowboys are looking for one more playmaker in their secondary, not to mention a difference-maker in the return game.

Jones would be that player.

What the rest of the world is finding out now is something has been talking about for weeks ... Pacman Jones to the Dallas Cowboys is close to becoming a reality.

And now, it may already be a foregone conclusion.

Remember, it was Jones who first reached out to Dallas last year when he was video-taped talking about his affinity for the organization. He did it again within the last six weeks we he mentioned he wanted to play for the Cowboys on a sports talk show in Atlanta.

And in Scott Knudsen's interview for The Ranch report late last month with Pacman's agent, Manny Arora, it was finally revealed on the record that the Cowboys would be a great landing spot for the controversial cornerback.

"Jerry Jones is a strong owner and a proven leader. Over the years the Cowboys have given players with a plethora of issues another chance," Arora said. "The Terrell Owens acquisition is just a recent example. The Cowboys have enjoyed risk-taking success, and they have leaders within their player ranks. Adam will need a good group of leaders around him."

The question now becomes what will it take to complete a trade? Earlier this month, was hearing a fifth-round pick. Today, it appears that it may take a little more- likely a fourth rounder.

But there are working components to this potential deal.

Remember as far as the NFL is concerned, he's on or near his last legs. That means NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell must approve any trade. The Cowboys also will likely renegotiate a new contract.

"The Commissioner must approve any trade offer due to Adam's suspension," said Arora. "If traded, the new organization inherits the remainder of Adam's contract. Last year didn't count. There are several years remaining. However, the current contract could be renegotiated in a trade scenario."

Regardless, this looks like something that will happen much sooner, meaning before the draft and possibly before the end of the month, than later.

Pacman is interested in getting out of Tennessee. The Cowboys are interested in signing another playmaker that could help them get back to the Super Bowl, and yes that means Pacman Jones.

The question is now, what exactly will it take to get a deal done?

Stay tuned.

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