The Pacman Saga - What's Next?

You've read the reports on Pacman Jones appearing on Michael Irvin's radio show. What happens next for the controversial cornerback in regards to the Dallas Cowboys?

As the Pacman saga continues after his appearance Tueday on Michael Irvin's talk show, the foundation for his arrival in Dallas continues to be built.

Pacman himself said Tuesday the Cowboys are the only team he can see himself playing for in the near future.

"I mean, they are America's Team," he said speaking to reporters outside of ESPN's studios. "Plus I love the city of Dallas."

Simply put, every possible piece of the Pacman puzzle that needed to be put into place before a trade could be reached with the Titans has been locked in.

Remember, Pacman himself initiated the discussion last year by saying he wanted to play for Dallas in a taped interview with BET. Also, more than a month ago, he said the same thing in an interview with a radio station in Atlanta.

Then, his agent, Manny Arora, discussed with the possibility of such a move, further indicating his client's interest in leaving the Tennessee Titans for the Cowboys.

And finally, his appearance on Irvin's talk show demonstrated additional proof of Pacman's intentions for the future.

However, throughout this entire time, from when Pacman Jones first mentioned the idea of playing in Dallas to his interview Tuesday, the idea of Pacman wearing the silver and blue has been met with mixed emotions, both from fans and media alike.

After all, this is a player who has a rap sheet that would rival any player in the history of the league.

"I'm not sitting here telling you I don't own up to mistakes I've made," Jones admitted to Irvin. "I accept everything, the punishment, everything that comes along with the bad decisions and bad choices I've made. In the end, I just pray to God I get a second chance."

Whether you realize it or not, the past four months have been a litmus test of sorts.

You see, Pacman's agent, Manny Arora, has slowly allowed the idea of his client playing for the Cowboys to leak out into the general public to help gauge what the reaction would be should Jones be traded from the Titans.

Carefully, both he and Jones have released morsels of information to gauge whether or not Jones would be accepted into the Cowboys' family.

And slowly, but surely, they have reached the point where are right now.

That point is - that right now - the Cowboys have a decision to make.

Option 1) Do they execute a trade, likely for a fifth round draft pick, to bring one of the most controversial players in the league?

Or Option 2) Do they pass, electing to focus their efforts to find a corner and playmaker in the return game in the draft?

Right now, the answer to that question, at least according to what is hearing, is, option No. 1.

Whether you like him or not and whether you believe he can stay out of strip clubs or not, if the Cowboys trade for Pacman Jones, they will be getting him at a bargain price for his services on the field.

Jones would provide instant offense via the return game and could be the difference maker needed in a secondary that needs help at cornerback.

Also, after executing the trade, the Cowboys would likely restructure his current deal, meaning he would be brought for a minimal contract laced with incentives - both for his on the field production and his off the field behavior.

In other words, it could be a "one strike and you're out" kind of deals.

Minimal risk for a major risk that could yield enormous rewards isn't such a bad idea. The Cowboys and owner Jerry Jones understand there is a certain public relation hit that would be difficult to overcome, but they also know the reward which could be reached- the Super Bowl.

Still, there is one more key component still yet to be placed in this complex equation: reinstatement.

Reinstatement to the league could throw a wrench in the plans of everything written above.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has said he would revisit the idea of reinstatement for Pacman Jones before the start of training camp.

The problem is training camp is fourth months away. Given Pacman's track record, much can happen in four months and the Cowboys would like to finalize something long before then, especially with the draft less than 30 days away.

So what happens next?

The next key date in this on-going saga will be April 10, one year after Pacman's suspension by Goodell. Arora plans to being the reinstatement process then and there are hopes that if he is reinstated, a trade between Tennessee and Dallas will be made before the draft.

If that doesn't happen, all bets may be off.

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