The Price of Admission

There is a cost to everything in this world. Some of the dues aren't even monetary in nature. Prices are paid every day. For actions, for decisions, for fame, for championships, for survival, for happiness, for satisfaction, for anything humanly possible. Adam "Pacman" Jones has paid an enormous price for his decision-making and personal choices.

The Dallas Cowboys are about to offer up a price for which it will take to resume a playing career with America's Team. This situation is one where opportunity meets facilitation. The acquisition of Adam "Pacman" Jones by the Dallas Cowboys makes both sense and cents. Simply put, it's the most tempting and potentially rewarding business offer Jerry Jones has had in a decade.

The position and attitude of the local columnists, beat writers and radio hosts, with the exception of a select few, is appalling and stunning. You would think none of the employed personalities has ever done something wrong or participated in an activity they regret. So, are we to assume no setbacks or stupid mistakes have ever been made by the local sports media? Either egos are larger than originally thought (if that's possible) or the self-righteous movement is in full swing. The beauty of this is Jerry Jones could care less what gets written or the current temperature of the Moral Majority. Jerry makes business decisions, and he has the unique ability to weigh all factors while never allowing a media position to dictate what he ultimately decides.

That being said, will Jerry totally disregard the off-field transgressions mounted by Adam Jones before he makes a decision? Absolutely not. The transgressions bring in reliability, dependability and decision-making questions. Adam "Pacman" Jones would do the Dallas Cowboys absolutely no good if he's not available to play. Whether it is detainment, imprisonment or confinement, anything, to include suspension, keeping Pacman from the field of play will be detrimental and counter-productive. Any deviation from the straight and narrow will be intolerable. Rest assured any Dallas Cowboys contract would spell out the very same. There will be rules and stipulations which must be followed and not broken. Should they occur, the exit will be swift and without appeal. Those concerns will be legally addressed in the form of a binding contract.

So, put the character issues and past transgressions aside. The League and Cowboys organization will see fit to address any violations. The Dallas Cowboys are in position to acquire one of the most electrifying players to ever enter the League. Yes, the word was "ever." Neither the League nor the fans have seen anything yet. There were glimpses of greatness in a very short two years. The potential has barely been tapped. It's going to take guts and risk to bring the entire package to fruition. This is no where near a break-the-bank proposition. When you couple "last chance" with financial peanuts for one of the most talented return men and cornerbacks in the League, you roll those dice. The upside greatly outweighs the potential hazards. It has been mentioned in this space before, but Adam Jones is currently 24 years old. Don't ever underestimate the youth factor. It bodes well when considering the cornerback situation in the years to come.

Jones, like any player, will have to prove himself and win a position on the team. The belief is he would beat out Anthony Henry at one of the corner positions, but even if he doesn't, the trio of Newman, Henry and Jones is most appealing. It can happen to any player in this violent game, but Newman and Henry have shown injuries can occur, and neither is getting any younger. The Cowboys will have to address Terence Newman's future and contract during or after the upcoming season. It's not an easy or traditional decision. As a matter of fact, it may be one of the more difficult decisions the organization has to make. It virtually mirrors the Flozell Adams dilemma faced this off-season.

He's greatly needed, but at what price? You have to balance age, longevity and the enormous price tag which will be affixed to T-New. Let this year's cornerback transactions be your guide. The money garnered by Drayton Florence, Asante Samuel and DeAngelo Hall (as insane as Al himself) are indicators of what Dallas can expect when it comes to Newman, but Pacman's price tag (due to his own volition) isn't in the same universe, let alone zip code. That being the case, I'd take him over any of these mentioned corners on potential, ability and production alone. If he can keep his focus, and make quality decisions, he, too, will be looking at the big bucks in three years. However, he must prove himself all over again. That has to appeal to the Cowboys organization and fan base. Adam Jones trusted with the deed of earning his keep is an opportunity which cannot be ignored.

Is he the missing piece to the organization's sixth championship? Maybe not the sole piece, but he will provide a hell of a boost to an already talent-filled team. He will make them better in several phases of the game. If you can upgrade playing personnel while not breaking the bank, you take that proposition all day long. Guess what Cowboys fans? That proposition and opportunity exists right now, and the Cowboys would be well-advised to strike now. All it will take is a willing and agreeable Tennessee Titans football organization.

Do you trade for a Pacman Jones prior to the Commissioner's ruling on reinstatement? The conservatives will cringe, but you're darn right you do. You make that deal right now. Right this very minute. If Tennessee is seeking a second day Draft choice in return, serve it up on a Pacman Platter. Give it to them. If reinstatement never comes to fruition, no one is losing any sleep over a fourth, fifth, sixth or seventh round Draft choice. Not for the chance to put Adam "Pacman" Jones in your secondary for the next 8-10 years. The Cowboys would be well-served by beating all other teams to the punch. Jerry would love to throw the "haymaker" to the NFC East. Self-professed, he is good for two wins a year by himself. Don't doubt the playmaker. He's that impactful. If given the choice, the Cowboys will take those two wins in the month of December. Adam Jones needs to be a Dallas Cowboy, and he needs to be one prior to the onset of the 2008 NFL Draft.

Would his acquisition deter the Cowboys from drafting a corner in the upcoming Draft? If they're completely stupid, it will. There would be no reason why Dallas shouldn't use one of their first three picks on a corner. You still take a corner no matter what. Solidifying one of the top three positions on the field of play is prudent business. Count on the Cowboys staying the course when it comes to considering the solidification of the secondary. The deep third of a NFL defense is vital to success, and if Wade Phillips and Brian Stewart plan to step up the pocket pressure this year, quality secondary personnel is amplified.

Timing is now deemed vital. This week has been a whirlwind of Pacman Jones activity. His pronouncement of wanting to be a Dallas Cowboy could bring other teams into the consideration fold. No one wants to get into a bidding war if it can be avoided. Teams were obviously privy to the current disposition of Adam Jones as he appeared on ESPN radio's Michael Irvin show on Tuesday of this week. That one local/national exposure will put the wheels in motion, and it may have added a little heat to the Cowboys front office to step up its consideration process. Jones was accompanied by his Attorney/Agent Manny Arora. Arora was interviewed by The Ranch Report last month, and that discussion seemed to start the "serious" Pacman Jones debates and discussions.

Manny Arora has been very accommodating to The Ranch Report, and we continue to maintain close contact with him while monitoring the entire situation. Periodic updates will be provided as they become available. Once the Tennessee Titans contact Manny Arora, it's a fair assumption things are in the works. Tennessee's obligation to Arora and Adam Jones is to inform them if a trade has been struck, a venue change will transpire, and stipulations to the current contract are forthcoming or being demanded. It's then, and only then, Arora and Jones will be working to procure a change in teams. If a Cowboys fan, one with an objective and financial viewpoint, you can only hope Arora gets that call in very short order. Stay tuned to The Ranch Report for all the latest news and developments.

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