Pacman to Dallas Less Likely?

Suspended Titans cornerback Pacman Jones is doing his part to facilitate a trade to the Cowboys.

He said he is willing to surrender more than $1.2 million owed to him by the Titans to offset the bonus money they'd want in a concession to get a deal done.

"We are willing to renegotiate the terms of the contract to help facilitate the trade," agent Manny Arora.

But Jones' willingness to compromise doesn't mean a deal is close to getting done. Even Arora will acknowledge all other matters are secondary until trade terms have been settled.

The Titans have asked for two mid-round picks for Jones -- one this year and one next year. The Cowboys have offered only a late-round pick this year.

"Our willingness to re-do the contract is irrelevant until trade terms are agreed upon," Arora said.

The longer that takes, the more likely the trade loses steam, according to Cowboys owner Jerry Jones.

"I think the longer that it goes, the less likely (it will be done)," he said. "It's just me trying to be realistic about it."

When the owner was asked if he felt the deal for Pacman Jones would get done, he said: "I don't have a feel for it right now."

Jones thought the Cowboys could get something done last week at the NFL owners meetings. But the Titans were busy trying to drum up market value for Jones rather than working to get something done with the Cowboys.

"We are no farther than we were at the league meetings last week," Jones said. "I thought that gave us an opportunity with everybody together there, and when we didn't get it done there then it was pretty much on hold. I think they are working some things out that probably needed to be between him and the Titans."

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