Checking In with RB Chris Johnson

The Ranch Report checks in with one of the top running backs available in today's draft.

Ed Thompson:  Talk about your visit with the Eagles.

Chris Johnson:  I had a good visit.  I went out to eat with all of the coaches and all my visits went pretty much the same.  I met with Philadelphia, Tennessee, Tampa Bay, Pittsburgh, Atlanta, and the second week went to Washington, St. Louis, Dallas, Arizona,. I know they really don't think I'll be there when their pick comes around, but I don't know what they're planning on doing.  All in all it went pretty well.

Thompson:  You say a lot of teams didn't think you'd still be on the board when they had a chance to pick?

Johnson:  Yeah.

AP Photo/Idaho Press-Tribune, Greg Kreller

Thompson:  That had to be flattering...

Johnson:  Yeah.

Thompson:  Did you get a chance to talk about Brian Westbrook while you were in Philadelphia? I know you admire him and have drawn some comparisons to him.

Johnson:  Yeah, I got to talk about him with the head coach.  I said I can do a lot of things that he does, I'm just faster than he is.

Thompson:  You remind me of Edgerrin James as well in some ways. Do you see any similarities between the two of you?

Johnson:  Yeah, Edge is patient and he runs real hard every time he gets the ball.  It's kind of sad in a way, but you lose your speed the older you get. But he's still a patient back and runs hard every time he touches the ball, wants the ball in his hands, has good vision and is good at hitting the hole.  I feel we compare in those areas.

Thompson:  You two also seem similar personality-wise. You're both a little on the quiet side until you get to know people. I think you two could hit it off well.

Johnson:  Yeah the crazy thing is that after the Hawaii Bowl game I got a call from Edgerrin James and we've been talking back and forth throughout this whole process.  We've become friends during this process.

Thompson:  What are you going to be doing this weekend as you prepare for your name to be called?

Johnson:  Just chillin' in the house and watching the TV with some family and friends.

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