'Boys Bolster TE Spot with Bennett

With their second-round pick, Dallas grabbed Texas A&M tight end Martellus Bennett (6-6, 259, 4.68). Somewhere, Tony Romo is smiling … and not just because Jessica Simpson is sitting across the table from him.

Bennett looks like a power forward — he even entered the NBA draft after his senior year of high school — before withdrawing his name and heading to College Station, where he also dabbled in college basketball. He's an amazing athlete who runs well, jumps very well, has huge hands and can make difficult catches rarely made by a guy his size. In a lot of ways, he's Jason Witten, Jr.

He has an enormous frame and might well get up to 280 pounds before he's through maturing. Normally, that would be too heavy, but he's so strong, he likely won't lose much speed, and with his blocking prowess — which is considerable — the extra bulk will come in handy.

He's not a polished product, though. He runs good routes, but he's not elusive after the catch. Many tight ends aren't, but Bennett really puts his head down and either tries to run past defenders or through them. With his size and strength, he almost never sees a need to avoid contact.

While some might view Bennett as an eventual challenger to Witten, the team's Pro Bowl tight end could well benefit as much as anyone from Bennett's arrival. As athletic as Bennett is, he also is a willing and very able blocker, and with offensive coordinator Jason Garrett's creativity, look for Dallas to use more two-tight end sets this year, with Bennett often staying in to block while Witten heads downfield. Garrett also might well send both downfield, creating major headaches for defensive coordinators who have to defend the alignment.

Bennett's athleticism — which dwarfs that of recently-traded Anthony Fasano — will allow the Dallas coaches to come up with multiple uses for him, including on special teams. Bennett was the fourth tight end taken in this year's draft, but he might very well end up being the most productive to enter the NFL this year.

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