UFA Targets for Dallas

Check out this extensive list of potential undrafted free agent targets for the Dallas Cowboys.

WR Maurice Purify (6-3,224) Nebraska
Notes: Has size, athletic ability and body quicks. Firm hands & catching range, although his concentration level was not always evident. Runs well in his pads, but not a true race horse. Can break off a point on his under routes showing strength after the catch. High ceiling, but his position skills are far from fully developed. Add to the puzzle some highly publicized off the field issues and we see an incomplete puzzle developing.

WR Darrell Blackman (5-10,193) N.C. State
Notes: Former RB who has proven to be a tough versatile player. I liked his hands and his ability to catch with confidence. After the catch I liked his toughness and vision. Needs further route development, but feel this player has the skills to factor in a professional setting. Return skills only enhance this players overall potential . Not an instant study, but could contribute quickly in a number of ways. Has late second day draft potential.

WR D.J. Hall (6-2,193) Alabama
Notes: A some off the field baggage which will need to be addressed at the scouting combine and spring workouts. Early on didn't buy into Saban's program, but came around during the fall. Has been a playmaker over his career. Has size, very good physical dexterity and showed the ability to track ball and separate vertically. Will drop balls (concentration) and his timed speed is not near what was expected.

WR Dorien Bryant (5-10,175) Purdue
Notes: Up and down performer in 07.Has outstanding speed and a vertical burst (can run by you). Is undersized & didn't catch the ball as clean as one would want. Dangerous in the open field & as a return man. Did little away from the ball or within the running game. Awful blocker (very little effort). Pain in the butt, but not a bad kid. Talks too much. Literally took over the Iowa game. Similar, but not as explosive as Ted Ginn.

WR Adarius Bowman (6-3,223) Oklahoma State
Notes: Has been a productive player since transferring from UNC in 2005, but I was rather disappointed in his play at the senior bowl practices. Very stiff running style who didn't show the speed to push a defender on his open releases.Can't drop his hips on his under routes. I liked his size, but in my opinion was not a natural catcher. Mismatches many defenders and showed some strength after the catch, but wasn't nifty or instinctive.

WR Zach Sledge (5-11,190) SMU
Notes: Comparable to former UFA Tom Crowder a few years back. Workhorse in the weight room who was at Valley Ranch for a workout earlier in April. Likely just a training camp body but worth a look for the right price.

RB Rafael Little (5-9,195) Kentucky
Notes: Skilled tough runner with good instincts and vision / Judges distances well / Has talent but is acutely undersized, lacks break away speed and just wasn't sudden. Injuries (knees) appears to have eroded his playing skills. Adequate hands (check down and screens)... don't see him running the wheel. Has a chance of being drafted, but is more likely a priority free agent.

TE Joey Haynos (6-8,260) Maryland
Notes: Has a basketball background. Good athlete who caught the ball well in the under zones. Can reach and extend for the ball . Wasn't flashy or insitinctive, but turned it up and advanced the ball. Not a power player (may well be too tall). Has a very high center of gravity which made it difficult for him to leverage people inline. Not a washout, but will have to play in the right system in order to have any successful.

OG Eric Young (6-4,310) Tennessee
Notes: First season at the LOT position. Appeared top heavy. Doesn't play with a lot of power. Comes off the ball well, but doesn't climb or finish consistently. At the second level or on the backside, was quick to do little. Feet and pass sets were solid, but again doesn't get lockout and was not strong on his feet. Just does not bend well and lacks power. A classic narrow based waist bender as a run blocker. Finesse rather then a power player.

OG Chris McDuffie (6-4,330) Clemson
Notes: Proto type look physically although lacks functional playing strength (gets his pads up consistently). Didn't consistently come off the ball and lacks rear power to get movement inline. Plays hard but was barely an adequate athlete. All of his success and effectiveness was in a short area. Hate to give up on a big man, but this isn't a quick fix type player. Some off the field concerns need to be considered. Possible late, but is more likely a priority free agent player.

OT Kenard Burley (6-5,310) SMU
S Simeon Castille (6-0,195) Alabama
S Marcus Griffin (5-10,201) Texas
S Jamie Silva (5-10,204) Boston College
S D.J. Wolfe (5-11,207) Oklahoma
QB Paul Smith (6-1,208) Tulsa - SIGNS WITH JACKSONVILLE
QB Kyle Wright (6-3,218) Miami
DE Tommy Blake (6-3,270) TCU

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