Week Off Gives Cowboys a Break

While their weekend off gave the Dallas Cowboys a chance to get refreshed physically, there was nothing they could do about their 3-6 record. So they're trying to forget about it. "We can't do anything about the nine we've played, but we can certainly do something about the seven we've got left," Dave Campo said.

The Cowboys resumed practice after being off for three days on Monday.

The Cowboys needed their bye weekend after a three-game losing streak in which they were outscored by a combined eight points _ including losses of 9-6 and 9-7. They play Sunday at Indianapolis before playing three games at Texas Stadium in 15 days.

"We just went through three tough games, and lost on the last play basically in all three of them. That has to take a toll on you," Campo said. "We needed a time to regroup. I think the guys will be excited to go up and play at Indianapolis."

The Cowboys practiced for two full hours Monday, a change from last week when their scheduled two-hour workouts were cut short.

Despite their miserable record and being last in the NFC East, the Cowboys aren't ready to count themselves out. Philadelphia, after its 35-13 loss to the Colts on Sunday is 6-3, while the New York Giants are 5-4 and Washington is 4-5.

Four of Dallas' last seven games are against NFC East teams. The Cowboys still haven't played Washington, and even though they have already lost once to both the Eagles and Giants, the Cowboys haven't been officially eliminated.

"We've still got a lot to play for. If that ever happens (elimination), then I guess we'll reduce our role to a spoiler role," said linebacker Kevin Hardy. "Right now, it's not over. I know it's dim, but it's not over. You can count on guys on this team to go out and play hard and with a lot of emotion."

Campo likes that attitude, and believes his players haven't lost confidence in themselves.

"It's a fine line here between 6-3 and 3-6. Our guys still think we can win. That's the main thing," Campo said. "If we get blown out 48-7 a few times, that's when you have a problem with whether or not a team can get themselves up and ready to go again. We haven't faced that."

The Cowboys' only game decided by more than nine points was a 44-13 loss to Philadelphia in Week 3. The Eagles had a three-game winning streak before losing to Indianapolis, which had lost three straight.

Other Notes:
OL Larry Allen will practice Wednesday, and hopes to play for the first time in a month Sunday. Allen, a seven-time Pro Bowler, has missed the last three games because of a left ankle injury.

"Larry will practice Wednesday and go as hard as he can. We'll see what happens. He feels he's good enough to go full out," Campo said. Allen sat out the last three games, and has missed four already, because of the injury suffered Sept. 15.

RB Emmitt Smith, who last month because the NFL's career rushing leader, will spend his day off Tuesday in New York for an appearance on David Letterman's "Late Show" on CBS-TV. Campo said he'd watch that, but doesn't like Smith's "last commercial with the long-nosed guy."

Campo is referring to a series of commercials for a long-distance telephone company that features Smith and Alf, the furry alien that was the namesake and star of a popular television sitcom in the late 1980s.

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