Pacman on Offense? No Surprise There

The idea of Adam "Pacman" Jones playing on offense for the Cowboys in 2008 should come as no surprise to Cowboys fans.

In an interview with the Ft. Worth Star-Telegram Wednesday, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones was quoted as saying Pacman would help take the heat off of aging stars Terry Glenn and Terrell Owens.

"In my mind there isn't a player out there in a given game or looking at next year, that could make a bigger impact to take some of the heat off of Terrell than Terry Glenn," Jones said. "I think potentially we could get some of those offensive plays that Adam ‘Pacman' Jones ran over at Tennessee."

Honestly, this begs the question, why wouldn't you want Pacman with the ball in his hands?

Sure, we knew he'd be utilized in the secondary and also as a kick returner, but given his athleticism and knack for making the big play, it only makes sense he would have the chance to play on offense as well.

Especially given the Cowboys' current situation at wide receiver.

Remember, Dallas didn't address the need for a young speedster who can help stretch the field for Tony Romo in the 2008 Draft.

If no trade is made for a veteran wide out before the start of training camp, finding another playmaker on the outside is a justified concern.

Glenn, who missed nearly all of last season with a knee injury may not be 100 percent in 2008. Owens, while still one of the top receivers in the game, isn't getting any younger and will need another downfield threat in the passing game to avoid the entire focus of an opposing secondary.

Is Patrick Crayton really going to keep defensive coordinators in the NFC East up at night? What about Miles Austin or Sam Hurd?

Adding Pacman into the mix, even if he's only a decoy, is exactly what Dallas needs to keep the opposition on its heels.

There are a number of things that can be done with a player of his caliber on offense without him even touching the ball:

1) Put him in motion.
2) Fake a handoff.
3) Fake a screen pass.
4) Actually throw him the ball.
5) Fake a reverse.
6) Run him on a fly pattern to attract attention.

You name it, and it can be done with Pacman Jones.

On the field, off the field, this guy attracts attention as well as anybody in the league. Why not use that to your advantage?

The news of Jerry Jones announcing he believes Pacman on offense should come as no surprise. The only real surprise would have been if the organization hadn't thought of this before.

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