Pacman — A New Man?

IRVING, Tex. - Ever since rumors first surfaced that cornerback Adam "Pacman" Jones wanted out of Tennessee — and, specifically, wanted to resurface as a member of the Dallas Cowboys — fans have wondered exactly what the 'Boys would be getting.

There are many sides to Jones.

There's the outrageously talented athlete, the former West Virginia star who was drafted sixth overall and displayed rare natural athleticism.

What he lacked in size, he made up for with incredible speed and quickness, a pinball-style running ability that made him extremely dangerous when returning kicks or interceptions.

There's also the side that gets discussed in newspaper sections other than the sports section, where his indiscretions range from his alleged role in the infamous Las Vegas strip club shooting to late payment of a $20,000 marker to a casino. Reactions from fans and media ran the gamut — some thought the Cowboys had acquired the team's most talented cornerback since Deion Sanders, if not before; others thought the team was slipping back into its thug image of more than a dozen years ago.

Jones made his first appearance on the practice field with his new teammates this week at the club's veteran mini-camp in Valley Ranch, having been "partially reinstated" by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, a compromise from the league office that has most believing barring another major behavioral gaffe this summer, Jones will earn his full reinstatement rubber-stamped before the season opener.

So what are the Cowboys getting?

According to new Dallas secondary coach Dave Campo, Jones bears a striking resemblance to the team's best defensive back.

"He kind of reminds me of (cornerback Terence) Newman," Campo said. "He's aggressive, and he has very quick feet.

"They're similar players — and Newman is pretty darn good."

Campo said Jones also mirrored Newman's work ethic and eagerness, which is similar to his natural athletic talent.

"Ever since (Jones) got here, he was ready to get on the field and play," Campo said. "He's hungry. He listens.

"A lot of times guys miss some time and pick everything back up right away. He's in a little different situation, because he hasn't been at the facility working with the team. But he's going to be good."

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