Glenn Issue Won't Go Away

Wide receiver Terry Glenn and the Cowboys remain at an impasse.

Glenn says he wants to finish his career with the Cowboys, but he is adamant about not signing a $500,000 injury waiver the Cowboys are demanding that he sign.

The Cowboys want injury protection against Glenn's surgically repaired right knee and have barred him from practicing with the team until he signs the waiver.BR>
And if doesn't sign it the team will likely cut him. Glenn plans to call their bluff.BR>
Moreover, he said he would prefer that the Cowboys cut him now if that's their position so he can try to catch on with another team.BR>
Again, Glenn said he has no intention of changing his position. He thinks he deserves a chance to come back and try to continue his career without potentially losing more than half the $1.74 million he is due next season.BR>
The Cowboys says it's just a business move. They paid Glenn more than $5 million last season and got only four plays out of him. They want him to try to come back, but they also believe his knee could go at any time and have no interest in gambling $1.74 million on it.BR>
Under the waiver, Glenn would get $500,000 if he is lost for the season with the knee injury. If he goes down with any other injury he would get his full salary.BR>
"I'd like for him to come back, but the nature of his injury is one that it can go in the next step," owner Jerry Jones said. "So that's two big of a risk for our team to take, and I don't think any team will take that risk."BR>
Glenn, however, wants the Cowboys to increase the waiver to more than the $500,000. He believes there is still wiggle room because the Cowboys initially offered him a $380,000 waiver but then dropped it to $345,000. They upped it to $500,000 a few weeks ago.BR>
Jones, who said Glenn has not told him that he wants to be released, said the team plans to be patient with Glenn. Jones said there is no timetable for a decision.BR>
"We'll just see what happens between now and training camp," Jones said.BR>
When asked when this situation needs to be resolved, he said, "Day after Labor Day, as far as I'm concerned."

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