Notebook: The 'Boys - Off The Field

Assorted musings from The Fish's notebook, including off-the-field items you'll read nowhere else about Felix Jones, Andre Gurode and Terence Newman.

Frugal Felix: We're told by a behind-the-Cowboys-scenes "75-Member Staffer'' that Felix Jones, the rookie Cowboys running back out of Arkansas, is patiently waiting for his first-round money. … and that he has been wisely frugal during the wait.

As we understand it, Felix has just purchased a very modest home in Coppell, Texas, very near the Cowboys Valley Ranch headquarters. (And when we say "modest,'' we mean "about-the-same-type-of-house-owned-by-your-standard-sportswriter'' modest.)

"It's by far the smallest house in that part of town,'' says our guy.

Felix was very friendly and approachable with our connection. He might've even invited him to sit down and relax in the living room but. …

"All he owns for a TV is one little 20-inch TV, the one he had in college, and his living-room furniture is just some old lawn chairs,'' our man testifies. "Felix is living humble.''

The money is about to come. Let's hope the humble stays.

Terence Newman and Andre Gurode – The Duet: We did not attend the Friday night "pre-camp party'' at the exclusive Ghost Bar, located atop the W hotel in glitzy Uptown Dallas. For one thing, we're afraid of heights. For another thing, we're afraid of $20 cover charges.

Our spies who did attend, however, report to us that two veteran Cowboys were only slightly over-served when they decided to climb atop go-go platforms and perform impromptu rap songs. … and that they are only slightly terrible rappers.

We're sure they looked in football-shape atop those go-go platforms, though.

Tony Romo's "Kryptonite'': The Cowboys' QB is being poked at because he's led Dallas to two consecutive one-and-done playoff appearances. And more, as noted in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, in the last three years Romo was the starter at Eastern Illinois, his team lost each of its three first-round games in the Division I-AA playoffs.

The paper says that means postseason games represent Romo's "Kryptonite.''

We think it is a notable observation, but a glass-is-half-empty one. Romo has been his college or pro team's starting quarterback in five seasons. … and he'd led them to the playoffs in all five seasons?

Does that make him a loser, or a winner?

"Super Bowl or Bust!'': We love the sentiment, and we love that the Cowboys' leaders are not shying away from the goal.

Said coach Wade Phillips: "We're trying to be this year's champs.''

Said quarterback Tony Romo: "There's definitely a sense of urgency to get this done.''

Said cornerback Terence Newman: "We've got a little bit of pressure to go out and make it to the Super Bowl and win it.''

Good for the ‘Boys. There's really only one problem with the media/public's use of the "Super Bowl or Bust'' phrase: What's the bust? If the Cowboys don't win SB XLIII, what happens? Jerry sells? Emmitt fails to make the Hall? Jessica dumps Romo?

Goals and urgency and inviting pressure are all good, and the excitement of it all, the titillation of it all, the anticipation of it all, that's the fun of being a fan. But you do know what happens if the Super Bowl-hopeful Cowboys actually "Bust,'' right?

They come back the next year and try it again.

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