CAMP Q&A: Jason Witten talks with Jason Witten as the Cowboys open training camp in Oxnard, Calif.

We've talked in the past about the success of last season, but now that training camp is here, do you feel like this is finally the opportunity to move past the loss to the Giants and start a new chapter for the Dallas Cowboys?
Witten: We've all addressed it. You look at the year we had last year ... 13-3 and having a bye and having home field throughout the playoffs. We've talked about it. We've talked about putting teams away and allowing the season to play out we want it to. It's about executing and that's something we have to address and we've really tried to do that during the offseason and I think we have.

Sounds like that's been the mindset with this team since January and now that training camp is here you guys can really get going in that direction. Is that what is being talked about in the locker room?
Witten: It started as soon as we got back from the offseason to be honest. Everybody's been working towards that. Wade has done a good job mentioning it to us and the staff and we as a team. Guys in this room understand after watching the film after the New York game, we beat those guys twice earlier, and don't get me wrong they played a great game but we know it has to be different this year. We know have to learn to put teams away and to finish games off and a lot guys are talking about that.

Does that loss still sting you guys when you talk about it?
Witten: Yeah it's been a battle internally. We felt like we were in control of that game for a while and then momentum got away from us. Anybody that is competitive knows that we have to address that and learn to finish. And that starts now in training camp.

Tony Romo mentioned last month that "Finish" was the team motto. Is that what it's all about at this point?
Witten: It is. It has to be. Look at what we did last year and then look at where that got us. We lost to a team that we beat twice during the regular season. Again, you never want to take anything away from New York because they played a great game. We just have to fight to get back to that point and then once we get there, take the next step and finish.

When you look at the talent here, you have to believe there's more than enough to win the Super Bowl. Do you have to guard against being over-confident knowing that 13 players from this team made the Pro Bowl last year?
Witten: No I don't think so because we didn't even make it to the Super Bowl last year. It's not like we won a World Championship. We haven't done enough to warrant that kind of thinking so no I don't think that's a concern at this point.

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