T.O. vs. Adam Jones

OXNARD, Calif. - It's the matchup we've been waiting to see since the announcement Adam Jones was being traded to the Cowboys.

With Terrell Owens lined up opposite him, Adam Jones was waving his arms in the air to spur on the already energized crowd before the ball was snapped.

Then Owens blew past the smiling cornerback. During that one-on-one drill Sunday, the highlight on the third day of the Dallas Cowboys' training camp, Owens made a double move to break past the player who wants to be formerly known as "Pacman." Tony Romo's long pass hit Owens in stride for what would have been a touchdown.

"I love to compete. Today, he had his day," Jones said. "Yesterday, I had my day. We'll see how it goes. One thing about it, we're going to compete every day."

Owens spiked the ball when he crossed the goal line. As he jogged back toward the huddle, Owens waved his arms in the air, drawing an even louder response and chants of "T-O!, T-O!"

"It's all about competition and we know going into practice, there's going to be some battles," Owens said. "So it's all in fun, and we're just trying to come out here and practice and get each other better."

It wasn't even Romo's turn to throw when T.O. and Jones lined up against each other. But Romo stepped in for Richard Bartel, the team's third-string quarterback, to throw the pass.

After missing last season serving an NFL suspension while with Tennessee, Jones is trying to match up against Owens as much as possible during drills. When the Cowboys were in pads for the first time Saturday, the two went against each other several times, both having success.

"I think I'm the best. He thinks he's the best, so that will make us better. I know on Sunday my job will be a whole lot easier," Jones said. "It helps me a lot. T.O. is a world-class athlete. ... I'm enjoying myself and I'm getting better every day."

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