CAMP Q&A: Ray Sherman (PART II)

OXNARD, Calif. - Wide receivers coach Ray Sherman discusses Miles Austin, fan favorite Danny Amendola, Mike Jefferson and much more in the second of a two-part series!

How confident do you think Sam Hurd is at this point in his career?
Sherman: You could put Sam out there and I don't think he would miss a beat. He's ready to step in and do a good job. He is an excellent football player.

Where do you see Michael Jefferson fitting in?
Sherman: Last year, he did some good things but then he kind of went through a spell where he struggled a little bit. Now he's starting to step his game up a little bit. He's getting better and is starting to come around. He's young and what happens sometimes with these young kids is that they go through a process where sometimes they're thinking too much and aren't as explosive as you want them to be. You've just got to keep working and going through your fundamentals and techniques to get better. You've got be patient and I know that. I get on them but the thing is that they understand that. I try to put as much pressure on them right now in practice because when you get into the ballgame, it's a little different for them to know what it's going to be like and what will be expected of them. That makes it a lot better for them when they get into those situations.

Obviously a lot of people are excited about the prospects of Danny Amendola and the early comparisons to Wes Welker. What are your thoughts on that?
Sherman: I think it's still early right now (for the Wes Welker comparisons) but you can see some signs of him being able to do some things. He's got quickness and catches the ball very well. I think for him, he's learning. He's playing a couple of different positions and we're throwing a lot at him right now. He's shown some progress and I think he's going to get better. I'm looking forward to seeing him and how he does once we get into some preseason games. He's got something to him. I like what I see in him.

How is Miles Austin progressing?
Sherman: He has improved a lot. He's having a great camp and I expect him to get better and better because he has all the tools. The main thing with Miles is getting him the work and the reps because he's stepping in there. He's got the ability and has a few technique things that he is brushing up on. He's getting a lot better and is showing great improvement in this camp. I'm very pleased with him. There's no question (that he can be someone who can stretch the field). I think Miles Austin is someone with tremendous speed. He's got size, he's strong and is very athletic. The thing about him is that he's young and is starting to come around. He's made great strides from last year. I really like what I'm seeing from him right now and expect big things out of him this year. I think he's understanding how to be in the right spots, how to come out of his breaks and making catches coming out of them and how to be explosive on a consistent basis. He's also understanding the line marks and where he needs to be. That's very important.

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