'Translating Tony'

The owner offered his State of the Cowboys Address. The coach offered his State of the Cowboys Address. Now it's the turn of the other "face of the franchise'' … the one wearing the backwards ballcap.

We'll offer a twist to what Tony Romo's had to say in the opening days of the team's training camp in Oxnard: He's become so good at "QBSpeak'' – the unique skill of uttering a sentence to the media that means something more than is apparent, or maybe means nothing at all – that we're going to translate.

That's right: Let's play "Translating Tony''!

A quick primer on our qualifications: "Translating Jerry'' is a favorite parlor game around here. And if we can interpret Mr. Jones, we can interpret Tony Romeo. Besides, in our newspaper beat-writing career, we covered on a daily basis John Elway, Joe Montana, Steve Young and Troy Aikman.

So we might not speak fluent QBSpeak, but we can pick up phrases here and there.

For instance:

WHAT ROMO SAID: Terry's a great guy, a great teammate, a great player, and obviously we're going to have to pick up the slack and be ready to go. … "I haven't heard anything about it, first I've heard of (Terry Glenn's release).''

WHAT ROMO MEANT: "Jerry – along with his offspring/team VPs, which include Stephen, Charlotte, Jerry Jr. and myself – decided as a family that we can live without Terry Glenn.''

WHAT ROMO SAID:"You don't look at it like that. We gotta get good enough to win a preseason game, let alone a Super Bowl. Nobody is guaranteed to win a playoff game. … We just have to keep putting ourselves in those situations. When we break through, I think we'll be pretty good for a long time.''

WHAT ROMO MEANT: "The Dallas Cowboys are going to win the Super Bowl.''

WHAT ROMO SAID: "Most people only know what they read about you. If they got to know you or knew you before or knew what your friends knew about you, they would think differently of you.''

WHAT ROMO MEANT: "That's true of most people. But not me. You know how you read that I like to bag actresses, play golf, win football games and Karaoke my ass off while drinking beer? You know how that's all the public reads about me? That's pretty much true.''

WHAT ROMO SAID: "But there's no secret to success. There's no perfect formula that says, ‘They didn't do this last year,' or ‘They didn't want it bad enough.' Guys don't get in this situation - you don't become a Jason Witten or Terrell Owens - without having that desire every time you step out there. It's just part of the deal.''

WHAT ROMO MEANT: "There's no secret formula except for having Witten and Romo and 13 total Pro Bowlers who are better than the stiffs they'll line up against. That's no secret – but it's pretty much our formula.''

WHAT ROMO SAID: "Realistically, I still do the same things (in my personal life) I've been doing the last five-to-10 years. Really nothing has changed, it's just more people talk about it now. I still play in golf tournaments in the off-season; done that forever. I still sing when there's good music on, I've been doing that forever.''

WHAT ROMO MEANT: "Of course, when good music comes on, and then I start singing, that's pretty much the end of the music being good.''

WHAT ROMO SAID: "One thing I've been able to do in my career has been able to look at myself from a realistic point of view and say, 'All right, what do I need to do to get better? What do I need to do to improve?' … "They used to say Michael Jordan couldn't win a title if he wins the scoring title, and then all you have to do is win one and they quick talking about it.''

WHAT ROMO MEANT: "All humility aside, I just pretty much compared myself to Michael Jordan. So, you know, my confidence level here at camp is pretty decent.''

WHAT ROMO SAID: "I think you sometimes watch certain things you may do because you'd not want kids to get the wrong impression. Things like that, I guess you do get looked up to by certain areas. I have a watchful eye out for certain things.''

WHAT ROMO MEANT: "And one of those things I have a watchful eye for is, ‘When's Jessica getting to Oxnard?'''

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