10 More Insider Notes from Training camp

Thanks for the positive feedback on the ‘Fish's 10 Insider Notes that closed the month of July. Let's start the month of August with another 10 Takes from Camp Cowboys...

10. You want every detail you could possibly know about Adam "Pacman'' Jones? OK, here goes.

"I'm blind. Real blind,'' he says, explaining why he is experimenting with tinted prescription Nike contacts lens. (Is there anything Nike's doesn't make? What's next? Nike cereal? Nike cars? Nike condoms?)

Pac's eyes may be red (it's tough getting used to new contacts) but his game is red-hot. He's been spectacular in every way, from his behavior to his punt-returning skills.

"I'm having so much fun again," Pacman says. "I missed this game more than I ever thought I could."

9. You won't read this anywhere else – it's too much fun to bask in the glory of what the new Cowboys stadium in Arlington will be, even for the media. But the thing is not exactly selling like hotcakes at this moment.

Now, this moment is the dead of summer, and the organizational focus is 2000 miles away, and the grand opening is a year away. But some of the staff members who made Texas Stadium the place to be in the early ‘90's (and did so before the team was any good) are no longer with the company. There are growing pains. Maybe some overpricing of luxury suites. Maybe some skepticism about Jerry peddling off every last brick in the place to anyone who wants their name stamped on the thing for a price.

Of course, as soon as Jerry talks a corporate sponsor into coughing up a half-billion-plus for naming rights, the Cowboys won't have to worry about selling personal bricks.

8. Don't get hurt, Demarcus Ware.

Is it just me, or when you hear that the pass-rusher tweaks his back, you want to treat him like a QB, or maybe even like a valued old kicker, and just envelope him in bubble wrap and say, ‘See you in September, D-Ware''?

7. My gentle suggestion earlier this week that Terence Newman is on the verge of being labeled "fragile'' is, unfortunately, coming true. He'll miss three weeks with the groin. You know what his assignment should be during those three weeks? Serving as a behavioral watchdog on Adam Jones. Because the more T-New sits, the more Dallas REALLY needs that Pacman-is-reinstated news.

6. Old friend Larry Lacewell is in Oxnard, looking more and more like John McCain but still acting like the affable friend to Jerry Jones and the Cowboys that he's always been. The ex-scouting chief did a radio interview with Dale Hansen that harkened back to the Hansen-Switzer conflict when Lace played the role of his close friend Barry by closing the interview with a punch to the broadcaster's shoulder.

"Switzer said to tell you hi,'' Lacewell quipped.

5. There are things about Chris Simms that people do not like – especially if they are Longhorn haters. But if you don't think Dallas should trade a late-rounder for a young, ex-NFL starter who wants to be in Texas to serve as Tony Romo's backup, then you don't know anything about football.

Either that, or you are Brad Johnson's mom, or something.

Or you are Wade Phillips, trying to say the right thing. "Brad understands the game," Phillips said. "He audibles into the best plays. He doesn't throw interceptions or take sacks. Those are all things we can fall back on and feel good about it. He gives us confidence."

No, Wade, he does not.

4. One long-time NFL receiver called me the other day to comment on the Cowboys' receiving corps. "If T.O. goes down, they are in big trouble,'' he said. "Terry Glenn couldn't pass the physical, plain and simple. And most of those other kids have never accomplished anything. Big trouble.''

And just as he said that to me, Sam Hurd dropped another practice pass.

3. One media outlet is writing that Zach Thomas "is better than ever.'' Silliest thing written all camp so far. Zach can be good, 10-tackles-a-game good. He can even be a Pro Bowl-level player. But if we're asking him to be BETTER than he's been before the age and the concussions, we're asking too much.

2. Camp competition? Not much, when it comes to starting jobs. But mark this own: offensive lineman Joe Berger, linebacker Kevin Burnett and cornerback Mike Jenkins are comers.

1. Earthquake! … Or else Leonard Davis was playing "Dive-For-The-Catch'' Nerf Football on his hotel-room bed.

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