Monday Training Camp Notebook

News and notes out of training camp in Oxnard, Calif., including comments on Danny Amendola, Terrell Owens, Marion Barber and much more.

THE LEGEND GROWS: WR Danny Amendola has caught the eye of his teammates and coaching stuff through the first week of camp, so much so that he has a good shot at making the final roster.

"I think he'll be competitive to make the team," coach Wade Phillips said. "You can see that right now."

Phillips said he makes cuts without slowing down. Terrell Owens said he's like a water bug out there.

"He's definitely shown that he can play at this level," Owens said.

NO RULE CHANGE: RB Marion Barber was not singled out by the league for his aggressive play last season, and his famous stiff arm didn't prompt a rule change in offensive players being flagged for punching defenders.

At least that's the word from NFL official Mark Hittner, who came to Cowboys came to review the new rules changes. Hittner said there is no such thing as the Marion Barber rule.

But he said officials will emphasize flagging offensive player who grab and twist a defenders face mask. He said nothing they saw from Barber last year prompted the emphasis, and Barber was not on the league highlight tape as one of the top offenders that prompted the change.

A BETTER T.O.? WR Terrell Owens has looked stronger and faster in camp. Credit the time he spent on the beach in Cabo San Lucas during vacations in the offseason. "I don't like just laying around all the time in the sun," Owens said. "So I go take me a 20-, 30-minute run and then I go get on the beach and run some routes.

The sand moves a little bit, and that helps you coming in and out of those breaks, especially when you get on a hard and smooth surface. Honestly, I can really feel the benefits, because I did a lot of intermediate routes. We are doing a lot of things underneath where I have to plant and come out and use the game of angles, so it has helped me. Even (strength coach) Joe (Juraszek) was like, 'Dude, you look like you are coming in and out of your breaks faster than you have been.'"

T-SHIRTS ANYONE? Owens has been hawking T-Shirts in training camp. They can be found on his website under the section T.O.s Tees. He has one for himself that reads "iScore." He has one for the receivers that reads "iCatch." He also has shirts with the slogans "iPractice" and "iBlock." He has one planned for linebacker Bradie James that will read "iTackle." Of course, he couldn't help but take a shot at the media, saying he plans one for them with "iLie" on it. For Jerry Jones he jokingly plans one with the words "i Take chances" emblazoned on it.

DO OVER: The contracts of top picks Felix Jones and Mike Jenkins were among number of rookie first rounders kicked back by the league on Friday. However, the Cowboys quickly changed the language in the deals so the rookies would not have to miss any practice time. On Jones, the Cowboys had a bonus tied to a not likely to be earned incentive of leading the team in any offensive category. According to the league, leading a team in an offensive category cannot be considered a not likely to be earned incentive for a first-round draft pick, so the Cowboys switched it to a likely to be earned incentive.

On Jones, his deal was rejected because the Cowboys tied a bonus to seven interceptions as a not likely to earned incentive. The league mandates the number of not likely to be earned interceptions is 11, so the Cowboys switched the language in the deal from seven to 11. The Cowboys found out about the rejected deals Friday morning and reworked them between practices.

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