T.O., Three 6 Mafia & Eva Mendes

It's online, and it's on-the-field. An interview in director's chairs. And Terrell Owens speaking about his crush on Eva Mendes, his "nervousness'' during interviews and his willingness to groove to a little … Kenny G?

Oh, and while speaking to Three 6 Mafia?

It's a rare rainy and (relatively) cool day in Dallas, a good time to fiddle around on the internet to find some Dallas Cowboys gold. And here it is: Something called "FACETIME,'' an online interview show featuring athletes going face-to-face with rappers and such. 778925 Now, keep in mind I don't exactly know who DJ Paul and Juicy J are (except for their belief that it's hard out there for a pimp, and who doesn't agree with that?), but I've got to admit, I watched the interview and learned a few new things about T.O. – a difficult thing to accomplish during a Cowboys training camp saturated with coverage and featuring an extremely cooperative Owens.

An aside, before we get to the particulars of a strange and wonderful interview: Terrell Owens has been productive at this training camp, following up a season in which he produced at such a high level that it's now taken for granted. 778925 He's been delightful at this training camp; as temperamental as he's been in the past, there are indications now that he simply needed to be managed better, to be handled better, and to be treated better. T.O. said something the other day about how the previous regime ran this team as if it was "the military,'' and how coach Wade Phillips now "treats us like men.''

It is a shame, and an embarrassment, really, that Phillips' predecessor failed to tap into THIS version of T.O., the one who simply needs a hug, simply needs to be given responsibility, simply needs to be "treated like a man'' – in whatever way Owens himself defines that.Laugh if you will at all this "needs-a-hug'' mumbo-jumbo.

Handle this right, and the Cowboys will be laughing all the way to another All-Pro-caliber year for Terrell.And all it took was to treat him the way he sensitively asked to be treated? What a waste it was then. What a delight this is now.

Anyway, here's the link.

And here are some highlights: There is the revelation that T.O. – now an aspiring actor and obviously very much in love with the camera (as well as "some me'') – has battled nervousness during interviews.

"I was nervous early in my career because I never, as a kid, dreamed of playing in the National Football League, which is probably a surprise to a lot of people out there. … I went to one of the premier teams in the NFL and it was a different world for me. ... I did get nervous, I was nervous. But now it's not so bad. Unless I'm star-struck. …''

The fellas from Three 6 Mafia then ask a journalistically-sound follow-up: Who makes you star-struck?''

T.O.'s answer: "Eva Mendes.''He stumps you on the nervousness, and he stumps you on the Kenny G. But the crush on Eva Mendes? That's one where Terrell Owens is suddenly nothing special.

You're at the deli, T.O. Take a number and stand in line.

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