Hard Knocks -- And Beyond!

If you like the sort of inside stuff fed you by HBO's Hard Knocks Week 3 showing, you'll like this review of the episode – and a piece of Tony Romo-related inside stuff not even HBO knows about:

Let's start with what I'm told is Tony's decision to move out of a bachelor-pad condo in North Dallas (near the Galleria) and into a McMansion in Cottonwood Valley just a sand wedge from the 17th green. … oh, and technically in Irving, so also just a few long drives away from the Cowboys' Valley Ranch headquarters.

Romo's soon-to-be-former pad (where a co-tenant is Marion Barber) was a popular hangout for his buddies. The new place will work, too; it's big-time security over in this ‘burb, gatekeepers everywhere. And it is about golf. When he's not focusing on Super Bowls and whatnot, the swimming pool in the backyard of his $700,000 "Spanish Mediterranean'' home (5,551 square feet, five bedrooms, a gameroom, a wet bar, a study and a three-car garage) is near the Cottonwood course, where they used to play the first two rounds of the Byron Nelson. It's also just a couple of long fairway drives from the TPC.

Dr. Phil used to live down this street. Herschel Walker still does. And I assume a certain starlet will also be able to receive mail there, too.

Meanwhile, the best of the inside stuff Hard Knocks DOES know:

POPCORN: Jerry Jones eating popcorn. With Peter King also eating popcorn. While both tried to converse. Maybe the popcorn should be left to T.O.?

LETTERS: Pacman Jones reading aloud his letter to NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. "I can assure you I will not repeat my mistakes." Pac, we've got it on film. Now you've GOT to live up to it.

SINGING: If the crooning Romo didn't already know that his practice-field singing is awful, Terrell Owens telling him. "Bro,'' Owens said, "you are tone deaf."

BUMS: Assistant Reggie Herring coming right out and said one linebacker has been "a bum the whole camp.'' Did I miss it? Was a name named? Shall we venture some guesses?

MORE BUMS: Dave Campo saying rookie Mike Jenkins had "lost his mind.'' Probably only a temporary condition, unlike the between-the-ears problem that may plague fellow rookie Martellus Bennett.

BABIES: Demarcus Ware sharing a genuine moment with his wife and adopted daughter via computer webcam. "A blessing,'' D-Ware tenderly termed his little girl.

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