Q&A with Montrae Holland

Less than a week after being acquired in a trade from the Denver Broncos, 6-foot-2, 322-pound guard Montrae Holland met the media to weigh in on a number of topics, including his exit from Denver and much more!

What do you think didn't happen in Denver, that they said was keeping you down?
A: I don't know. Denver is Denver – I'm done with that. I've moved on to the Cowboys.

Q: Were you happy that "hey, somebody likes my weight?"
A: I'm happy to be here – very happy to be here.

Q: How easy is it for you to get acclimated and learn some of the things they (Dallas linemen) do on the line?
A: Well, I've been in an offense (that's) similar, when I played in New Orleans, so this time I'll take things I'm familiar with … so I can pick it up faster.

Q: They say "you never know who's watching you." (When the Cowboys and Broncos practiced together), Wade Phillips said he was impressed with you. Is that another example of that? Did you ever notice they were looking at you?
A: I had no idea they were looking at me like that, so … all you can do is do your best every time you go out there, every time you get the opportunity.

Q: What are your thoughts on being with such a talented group? Have you been around a group this strong before?
A: No, not this strong. I've been around some good players, but not a great unit, as the offensive line is here, so like I said, it's a great opportunity for me, and I'm going to enjoy every minute of it.

Q: You ever been this big a line? You've got (Leonard) Davis, you've got (Marc) Colombo...
A: Look around – I feel like a midget. But it's a great opportunity.

Q: Do you think you'll be ready this week (when the Cowboys kick off the season against the Cleveland Browns)?
A: I don't know about this week – I wouldn't bet on it.

Q: Last year with Denver, you had 16 starts, but were you exclusively at right guard?
A: My first couple years I played left guard at New Orleans, and then I had to go to right guard.

Q: And is there a big difference between the two, and do you need any time to get acclimated (to the left side)?
A: It's all the same at guard – you just flip your stance.

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