The Rivalry: What They're Saying

It's hard to call it a rivalry when the opposing team hasn't won in the last 9 meetins, but nevertheless we all know how big Thursday's game really is. Dallas coach Dave Campo, "Rivalries come with tradition. Any way you look at it, it's the Redskins-Cowboys."

Cowboys head coach Dave Campo, "Some of the players this week took on more control in some meetings. Guys who know the rivalry and remember Harvey Martin throwing the funeral wreath and the great games. Some of the older players took more of a stance during the week."

Redskins QB Danny Wuerffel, "A lot of times you have to be in a place a while to understand. But from the moment you get here, that's what everyone talks about."

Redskins coach Steve Spurrier, "Some games you want to win a little extra special. Some hurt more when you lose and that's your rival game."

Spurrier, on the day he was hired, "Maybe Dallas can be our Georgia."

Cowboys C Jeff Grau, "The first I heard about [the streak] was after the draft at minicamp," said Grau, who was drafted by the Redskins before being cut in training camp. "We had an opening meeting and introduced all the coaches. Spurrier introduced himself and said he was brought here to beat the Cowboys and he was going to do everything in his power to do so."

Redskins LT Chris Samuels, "That irritates me. I really want to beat them. It hurts. I never liked the Cowboys, even before I played them. I would like to win every game, but if you can't do that, then at least beat the Cowboys. That will make the season right there. You want to get to the playoffs, but the Cowboys? You've gotta do that for this area. I feel like we're going to do it. I can't wait to go down there. I really can't stand them."

Cowboys DT Brandon Noble, "I don't know if it's something in their locker room or something in our locker room or a combination of both. I'd love for it to keep going. But it's crazy, though. It's one of those things that happen in sports and is hard to put a finger on."

Redskins LB LaVar Arrington, "A loss is a loss, but I realize what type of rivalry that is. That's something we have to renew. [A rivalry] is when the wins and losses go back and forth, not when Dallas wins all the time."

Redskins DE Bruce Smith, "This is the biggest game we'll play this year. It's a divisional rivalry, a lot of history. We're trying to keep our playoff hopes alive and we have to get this one."

Cowboys TE Tony McGee, "When you go into a game and a team has a streak against you, even when you get ahead, it's like you are not supposed to be ahead. Guys play tentative and scared to lose, and something really bad happens. You start getting a psychological block."

Redskins LB Jessie Armstead, "I understand what's going on, but we've got new guys in here now. We've beaten Dallas before. They have to deal with a whole different group of guys now."

Redskins DT Daryl Gardener, "I don't like the Dallas Cowboys at all. Zero. I'm coming with the business."

Redskins CB Fred Smoot, "It's about time we beat them."

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