Hard Knocks - a 6-Pack

IRVING, Tex. -The start to the Cowboys season is almost here, and right on time...

The start to the Cowboys season is almost here, and right on time, HBO's "Hard Knocks'' leaves us – but it leaves us with the narrator intoning: "This season, 31 teams have dreams about the Super Bowl. But the Dallas Cowboys expect it."

That's a good start to a quickie six-point review of the final episode as the ‘Boys get packed for Cleveland:

POINT 1: I'm glad "Hard Knocks'' largely avoided Tony Romo. (Or maybe Romo wisely avoided "Hard Knocks.'') That leaves me to keep digging up interesting tidbits about the Cowboys' budding superstar QB. To wit:

That house I told you about that Romo just bought? The one on the golf course? Tony hosted a little party at the McMansion last Saturday night. Consider it a house-warming/end-of-camp get-together. … and maybe a little Poltergeist Party, too.

Because a former owner of the Cottonwood Valley home is none other than former Dallas Mavericks coach Quinn Buckner, a jinx far more powerful than any Sports Illustrated cover.

Tony, don't go into the light.

POINT 2: Scenes I could watch all day long (and maybe this is the result of my babies now being 18 and 15): DeMarcus Ware playing with his adopted baby daughter.

POINT 3: If you visit Terrell Owens' condo (the one where Romo used to reside and where MB3 still does), you will be asked to remove your shoes – and will be offered socks to wear?

POINT 4: And if you get beyond the shoes-and-socks station, you will notice that T.O. refers to a quartet of clocks: One set to the time in his hometown of Alexander City, Alabama, one set to the time in first NFL home of San Francisco, another set to Dallas time, and another set to the time in his second NFL home of Philadelphia.

I'm not going to break it to T.O. – not without changing into socks, anyway – but the time in Philly and Alabama is the same. He's wasting a clock.

POINT 5: Pacman has been accepted as a team leader, Martellus has been accepted as a team member, and Deion Sanders is somehow accepted as a team unofficial vice president of personnel.

POINT 6: End of show: T.O. saying, "Getcha popcorn ready."

Enough said.

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