GRADES: What a Game, What a Win

The action came fast and furious Monday night at Texas Stadium and breaks it all down in this weekly report grading everything from the offense to the defense to special teams.

It was the last Monday night game to be played at Texas Stadium and boy what a game it was.

By the end of the night, the most points ever scored between Dallas and Philadelphia were put on the board and the lead changed hands seven times.

Here's a look at's initial post-game thoughts:

Any time you score more than 40 points during a game in the National Football League, you have to feel good about your performance, and Monday night is no different. The problem comes with the turnovers, including Tony Romo gifting a touchdown to the Eagles when he lost the ball in the end zone in the second quarter. He also threw an interception which quickly turned into another seven points. The running game could have also been better- especially in the first half when it seemed every play was a pass. Sure, the offense was electric all night, but even still, it could have been much better and much more productive without the bone-headed turnovers.

Simply put, the Philadelphia Eagles did whatever they wanted, whenever they wanted, how they wanted. The number of long pass plays were alarming but the number of times Donovan McNabb escaped the Dallas pass rush was even more stunning. When you mention the fundamentals of tackling in an assessment of a game played in the NFL, it's never a good thing. This unit did little right all evening long. Thankfully, McNabb forgot how to execute a hand off for a play in the fourth quarter and a block in the back penalty helped destroy another late drive or else the Eagles would have likely won this game. Two huge sacks by Greg Ellis and Demarcus Ware on the final drive keeps this grade from being lower.

Once again Nick Folk was perfect, including drilling a 51-yarder inside the left upright on a critical kick just before halftime. He also made a 47-yarder in the second half. And what else can you say about Felix Jones? He's lightning in a bottle as demonstrated by his 98-yard kickoff return for a touchdown in the second quarter. Talk about a great draft pick who can contribute on offense and special teams. Wow.

Credit Jason Garrett for an outstanding game calling plays. As good as he was, the Dallas defense was equally as bad. What about blitzing on third down? The offense gets an A, but the defense gets an F. Overall, the final grade meets in the middle with a C.

It's hard to be too negative because the Cowboys won what was easily the most exciting game of the year so far in the NFL. Still, Dallas clearly has plenty of questions to answer on defense, especially with its pass rush and ability to cover the middle of the field. The offense, however, remains the most explosive unit in the league.

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