Hamlin Eyes Improvement in Secondary

IRVING, Tex. - TheRanchReport.com talks with Ken Hamlin about the Packers and playing on the national stage.

Did you get to see the Packers game this week, and did you get to form an opinion on Aaron Rodgers?
A: He's a good player.

That's it?
A: He's a good player. But they're a good team. We know we have another challenge ahead of us, just like we did last week, and just like we will the week after this one. We've got to take them one at a time, and we've got to study what they do best.

How would you assess how the secondary has played so far this year?
A: It's been alright. I mean, there's things we can correct. But we're growing as a group — we're starting to gel a little bit — and we hope to be better this week.

Why do you think (Rodgers) was a little bit more effective than (Favre) was when he came into that game (against the Cowboys) last year?
A: No excuses. We didn't execute like we should have, and he made plays when he was supposed to. The guy's not a rookie, you know, so I don't look at it like he should have done things a little bit differently. He did a great job when he came into the game, and we have to make sure we're effective on defense.

Was it a matter of … you guys didn't scout for him?
A: I don't buy that — they still ran the same plays. Regardless of who's back there, they still do the same thing, so we have to make sure we're effective.

Are there any pros and cons to playing these 7:30 games, from a player's standpoint?
A: Once the game starts, it starts. I don't know that it makes much of a difference, except for being on national TV or not. We still have to play. I think everyone takes that approach, because we do have so many later games.

It seems like it's a big deal for players to be on a stage where other players can watch them play. Why is that?
A: I don't know if it's a stage for other players to see … I look at it as: my family that didn't travel gets to watch it on TV. I don't really worry about who's watching us when we're on the field. I'm watching our offense when they're on the field, and they're watching us when we're on the field. That's the biggest thing.

A lot has been made about the Patriots and the Colts over the last five years — how do you view the strength of the conferences now?
A: Regardless of who's fallen in the AFC, I think that the NFC is a strong conference. We sort of beat up on each other so much that it makes it hard to get a clear-cut team out of the NFC. It's definitely a challenge each week. I don't look past any team that we play, because they're all coming to play, and they definitely play hard.

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