Austin Ready to Step Up caught up with third-year wide receiver Miles Austin as the Cowboys get ready to travel north to face the Packers Sunday night in Green Bay.

What are the pros and cons of playing in these Monday night — and now Sunday night — games?
A: There are a lot of pros in playing these games, because, you know, everyone gets to see it, and that's what you want as a player. So I wish we could go Sunday night or Monday night every day of the week, but you've got to play different games, and either way, we're going to be ready for it, regardless.

You're going against a Green Bay team that's averaging 36 points a game — do you look at it like you're going to have back-to-back shootouts?
A: We're just looking to go in there and try our best. However it works out — if we win, 2-0, or if we win the game 95-93 — either way, we'll be happy with a win. So no matter how it turns out, we just look at every game, trying to go in and get a win.

How does it feel going to (Lambeau Field) without Brett Favre there?
A: It's a little bit different. But this is my first time going there, so I don't know how it feels when he's there, or when he's not there.

Did you get a chance to see the Packers game Sunday, and did you see enough to form an opinion about Aaron Rodgers and what he's done through their first two games?
A: He looked good — real good. He's definitely real strong, and he did a great job against us last year, when he came in when Brett went down. But he's a tremendous player, and I have nothing but good things to say about him.

What about the Packer defense? Not often do you see a defense score two touchdowns in a game …
A: They're good — they're tremendous. We're going to go in there, and it's going to be a good challenge for our offense. It's going to be a good challenge for our team. We've got to go in there and play our best.

Do you do anything different, as a receiver, when you have those veteran cornerbacks back there, instead of a young guy?
A: Nah, either way we're going to try and go out there and do our best, no matter who's out there.

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