Romo Weighs In

IRVING, Tex. - Quarterback Tony Romo held court Wednesday to offer his thoughts on the loss to the Washington Redskins and the ensuing fallout regarding the postgame reaction of wide receiver Terrell Owens, and was there.

After looking at the film, what legitimacy is there to his claim that he did not get enough of an opportunity?
A: I think he's not unlike Jason Witten or Marion Barber. I know they both wanted the ball more in that game – it's part of being a good player.

Are you seriously oblivious to the national coverage the last two days, that Terrell's about to wreck this team again?
A: I learned a while ago – this is what I do. As soon as we lose a game, I learned that, at least with the local media, it's the Chicken Little thing … "the sky is falling." I don't read or watch the sports news. It allows me to just come back in here, watch film, do what I do. For that matter, usually when I get in here Wednesday, you (the media) tell me, so I'm hearing it now, and I'll probably hear it until the end of the week. It's kind of nice Monday and Tuesday not to have to deal with a lot of that stuff.

Do you watch it when you win?
A: Oh, of course.

You mentioned guys like Marion Barber, who are great players and all want the ball … but (Owens') history is such that when he hasn't gotten the ball, he takes it public, he does say things in the media and unquestionably has become a distraction to his previous teams. Is there any concern from your part (of a repeat scenario)?
A: Well he's been here for a long time, now, so it's not uncommon for him to speak out when he wants the ball more. Jason (Witten) will keep it bottled up, but I'll still hear about it in the back (on the practice field), when you (media) guys aren't around. That's not a knock on those guys. As long as they understand a quarterback's perspective, it's a better thing to have a guy who wants the ball than a guy who doesn't, because the guy who wants the ball is always going to be going hard, working very hard. It's easy to work with a guy who's always working hard. It's easy to work well with a guy who works very hard, and comes here and wants to win. The other stuff is just stuff. There's going to be … bumps in the road along the way.

How important is it for you, as a quarterback, or the coaches or Jerry, to keep him happy?
A: You don't consciously think about anything other than trying to win football games. He (Owens) does the same thing. He just believes that giving him the ball helps us win.

I think of it as "if a guy is open, I throw him the ball." The game is hard enough as it is. It's too fast, it's too much. The reason I try and throw him the ball a lot is because he's good – he gets open.

When you looked at the tape from the Washington game, did you think you forced the ball (to Owens)?
A: When I looked at the tape, I was disappointed with our execution on some things that really are in our control. In other words, it wasn't necessarily a guy getting beat, one-on-one … we just went to the wrong spot. Or we had miscommunication on something. Those little things, which are very important – they can look exaggerated on television. But if a guy simply doesn't go to the guy he's supposed to block and releases into a route or something, a guy comes free and you don't have time to throw the route. That happened too many times in this game. Those are critical mistakes, and those are things that still allow us to be a confident group, because we feel like "OK, we didn't do this." We kind of saw what we need to work on, what we didn't do well. Basically we didn't do well in the game things we thought would come along later on, but they came up now.

So does anybody feel sorry for Cincinnati?
A: No, they're a good football team. I think we're going to try and do things this week to rectify a couple of areas we made mistakes in, but give the Redskins credit (for the win Sunday).

They (the Bengals) played a good Giants team right down to the end last week, so it's going to be a good football game. Carson Palmer's a great player, and they've really good players over there, so for us – we're not going to take them lightly. They almost beat the defending Super Bowl champs last week, so if you take them too lightly, you'll get beat.

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