'Boys Won't Punish Pacman

Adam Jones won't be disciplined by the Dallas Cowboys for a scuffle with his bodyguard that owner Jerry Jones said resulted from joking that got out of hand and was quickly settled.

Dallas police were called to an upscale downtown hotel because of the disturbance late Tuesday night. There were no charges were filed.

"They were literally kidding each other," Jerry Jones said Thursday in meeting with the media. "They were jiving around and all of a sudden one of them starting saying some things, and here you go."

While not planning any discipline for Adam Jones, Jones acknowledged that he was "very disappointed in that we're having to deal with this."

Adam Jones was fully reinstated by commissioner Roger Goodell just before the season opener after being suspended for 17 months and missing the entire 2007 season because of numerous off-field problems. He has started all five games with the Cowboys.

Goodell said in a radio interview Thursday that the league was investigating the matter. He said he didn't speak with Adam Jones individually during a previously scheduled meeting with the entire Cowboys team following their practice Wednesday.

"I'm disappointed that we're even discussing this at this point in time," Goodell said. "But we'll have to wait for the facts."

Jerry Jones said he already had all the facts, but that the NFL as part of its own investigation was talking to Adam Jones and Tommy Jones, the bodyguard who is part of a security detail provided by the team to be with the player at all times.

"With the availability of the information that I have right now, we don't have club discipline in mind here," Jerry Jones said.

Adam Jones was arrested six times and involved in 12 incidents requiring police intervention from the time the Tennessee Titans drafted him in the first round in 2005 and sent him to Dallas in April to complete a long-discussed trade.

"Before he joined the Cowboys, he built up a reservoir of doubt," Jerry Jones said. "He had created with his actions no benefit of the doubt."

Because of that, Jerry Jones knew when Adam Jones came to Dallas that something "could possibly happen." The owner never anticipated a scuffle with one of his own security people.

"I did not dream that we would get in a situation where we had all the structure in place and literally have an incident that casts lightly with him publicly or with the league that would involve the very people that you're doing the structure with," Jerry Jones said.

Jerry Jones said the incident took part at a hotel where the player was attending a private party. There was alcohol served at the party, but Jones was told that the player's "conduct should not be interpreted as over drinking."

Coach Wade Phillips said Jones would play Sunday against the Arizona Cardinals. The coach talked to his players about the incident before they practiced Thursday.

"What I'm trying to do is get this team to focus on this game and the team that we are playing," Phillips said. "We're moving on in that direction."

Adam Jones wasn't in the locker room Thursday when it was open to reporters.

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