Mistake upon Mistake

Don't get me wrong, I'm pro Jerry Jones, but it's good to know even a billionaire is human, and like me, he makes mistakes. The frequency is what differentiates us greatly. That and the fact Jerry's wallet is a wee-bit larger than my barren money clip.

In my mind, Jerry just made a huge mistake.

He had the chance to discipline his latest refugee and reclamation project, and he didn't do it. It would have sent a larger than life message to the masses. He could have also saved himself from additional League scrutiny. Jerry boldly indicated the team had fully investigated the events of Tuesday night, and in light of their findings, nothing will be done on the disciplinary front as it relates to super star cornerback Adam Jones. Big, big mistake!

The fact that the troubled corner was involved in anything at all running contrary to expected behavior should have triggered some type of disciplinary action. The magnitude of the altercation or the minimal property damage caused should have had no bearing on a decision of this nature. The rules should be simple. Any time Adam Jones' name appears in print for anything other than football or the police are called for any incident involving Adam Jones, then ramifications should follow. No questions asked. This one is quite simple, and I'm not sure why Jerry and the Cowboys organization are even allowing event attendance with or without security coverage. What is it about an exclusive party, for a rap star, where alcohol is flowing that wouldn't trigger a Cowboys response similar to "Sorry Adam, in the best interest of you and the team, we don't think you need to attend?"

In this very space it was professed the Cowboys are essentially a soap opera disguising themselves as a NFL franchise. Beg to differ? As much as I hoped and prayed something like this would never happen, the truth is it was only a matter of "when," and it had nothing to do with "if." What a sad state of affairs. This one hit close to home, and believe me, I've taken my "fair share" of abuse and ribbing from Wednesday on, and reluctantly I'll say with good cause. See, I fully supported, endorsed and encouraged the Pacman to Dallas proposition. I set out to research and announce to the Cowboys Nation this was an opportunity which should not be passed over or dismissed by Jerry Jones and the brain trust within the organization. Those proclamations were made as early as mid-February. If you doubt the chain of events, feel free to comb the archives on this very site.

To take this even further, I was fortunate enough to foster a friendship/relationship with Manny Arora, Agent/Attorney for Adam Jones. Manny was kind enough to offer up information on Adam's NFL-mandated suspension and provide insight into what the road ahead might offer. With his permission, I documented our visit and reported it to the best of my abilities. Arora's insights were coupled with my "case be made" commentary to bring one of the most talented NFL cornerbacks in the game today to the Super Bowl seeking Dallas Cowboys. He was truly viewed as not the "key" ingredient, but a vital element to make a post-season march possible. To put it another way, the intent was good, and the package was wrapped and delivered the right way, but even when you think you have every angle covered, the subject matter still finds a way to act like the child that he is, and in process, jeopardize his whole team. That, Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys can't have, and for that very reason, he should have been suspended by the team. I'll leave the duration and penalty to the masses, but something should have been enacted.

To personally put it out there, I was pulling for Adam Jones, and pulling for him in a big way. The insights garnered from Manny Arora were enough to put Adam on the prayer and wish list. I could never fathom what Adam has endured in his 25 years of existence, but the part I could relate to was mistakes. Repeated, stupid mistakes. Mistakes large enough that they should alter behavioral patterns and old habits. While our actions and transgressions look different on paper, we're both knuckleheads by nature. We both have documented shortcomings that have hurt people and put prized possessions in jeopardy. The difference may be in how we both react to and feel about the pain and sorrow we've both caused. I'm still repenting, but I'm not sure Adam Jones cares. If he does, he doesn't care enough.

This was a conclusion I came to prior to Game 2 of the 2008 NFL season. How so, you ask? I was privileged to join Manny Arora and a team of his associates immediately preceding the contest against the visiting Philadelphia Eagles. None of this would have transpired had the relationship not been forged with Arora. There exists a mutual trust between Arora and myself, and I only wish I could say the same about the Attorney/Client relationship. It's very questionable whether Adam Jones respects authority and counsel. The good news is he is surrounded by smart, informative people, but no advice in the world is good if the recipient's ears are closed to sage wisdom. Adam Jones does not listen, and he does not listen to those who oversee and govern his very existence in the free world. Somehow, some way it was thought the message may have gotten through as soon as it became apparent Jones would become a member of the Dallas Cowboys. Ladies and gentlemen, that hope was highly short sided in thought and reason. The baggage was brought, but it certainly wasn't dropped or discarded.

Once again, the ugly head of unruliness surfaced in downtown Dallas this past Tuesday night. The fact that a disturbance occurred is one thing, but it happened amongst the caretaker family. How in the hell does that happen? You can bet Jerry Jones was asking the very same question moments after the local authorities showed to respond to the 911 call. If you somehow believe Jerry had no knowledge of the event until some point in time on Wednesday, then you're as misguided as Adam Jones himself. Don't kid yourselves. Jerry knows about events before they even come to fruition. He hears and sees all. To believe otherwise is ignorance of the highest order. The fact that this happened under Jerry's watch and wallet is extremely embarrassing. You can only hope it doesn't happen again, but like anything else, only time will tell.

Make no bones about it, Jerry caved. Argue if you want, but Jerry played this one specifically to the benefit of Sunday's active, game day roster. Terence Newman and Roy Williams are "out" according to the NFL injury report, so Jerry was attempting to provide Wade Phillips and Brian Stewart assurance and experience. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. Even though it is a conference game, it is not a divisional opponent. The opponent is also without its star #2 receiver. With a 4-1 overall record, the timing was right to put Jones on the pine. It's very clear Adam Jones cannot help himself, and if Jerry Jones is going to enable him, there may be no end in sight to the behavioral transgressions. Have talent, will play. Sad. Sad. Sad. Jerry you screwed up, and now you have Roger Goodell in line to clean up the mess. If Goodell elects to do nothing, then I've lost all hope and trust in the system. Any of us commoners would have been fired and/or jailed. No questions asked. Lock and key; no appeal. Fortunately for Adam Jones, he's not common. Oh, the irony.

The Sunday night preceding the Monday night game against Philly, I found myself seated at a table of seven. Myself and six attorneys. No, I don't have legal issues unbeknownst to the readership and management, but Adam Jones does. This assembly was all dedicated to Adam Jones and his past. Each attorney has had a hand in an Adam Jones legal matter. Some closed, and many ongoing. One person; one player. Six attorneys. The light bulb should have gone off, but strangely enough, due to intense Cowboys loyalty, I remained highly-optimistic for Adam Jones' success. Dumb. Dumb. Dumb. Some of the stories shared and heard cannot be brought to print due to confidentiality matters, but suffice it to say, they were mind-blowing. I was privileged to fact conveyance worthy of Star, Inquirer or supermarket tabloid publications, and the sad part was nothing was fudged or manufactured. It was about that time I fully realized Jerry Jones may have bitten off something even he couldn't chew, buy or resolve.

I honestly made it home that evening purely by the grace of God. My mind was so far off in thought and amazement. How could this happen? How could this person still be walking and talking in the free world? How long would I be behind bars had I been the one committing Adam Jones' discretions? It's such and night and day world. No, the world is not fair, but inequity reigns supreme between the have's and the have not's. It was at that moment I knew any day without an Adam Jones incident was going to be a both a blessing and miracle. Another day, another roll of the dice. A daily does of craps being played out by the beloved Dallas Cowboys. Foolishness and ignorance cannot prevail. Not when it comes to the Cowboys No. 21. The house of cards has started its customary fall, and it's doubtful the trend can be reversed.

Yes, I still hope this young man can get his act together and become a quality contributor to society, but that is highly-questionable and remains to be seen. Sure, the prayers and hopes are going to continue. Why, you ask? Because my past transgressions continue to need prayers and forgiveness, but each and every day those demons and temptations lurk like a starved jungle cat. One false move and stand to be devoured. The devastation and carnage would surely follow. Folks, it's an every day battle and struggle. The siege never stops even when peace is sought. Reclamation is only possible for those who truly want it deep within their heart. At this juncture, the mere presence of a heart within Adam Jones is very questionable. As sad as that is, the truth remains.

What was once seen as a bargain basement blue chip acquisition is now being reduced to another Dallas Cowboys joke and subsequent punch line. The egg is already out there for Jerry Jones' facial display, but the problem remains. There are another 11 eggs that remain in the Styrofoam container, but Adam Jones doesn't have that long. It shouldn't have taken a single egg, but it's a safe bet if another yolk and white fly, he will be officially done as a Dallas Cowboy and a NFL player. The lack of comprehension on Adam Jones' part is downright frightening. Unbeknownst and bewildering to many, Adam Jones has been given an umpteenth chance beyond comprehension, and he is about to squander it all away because he thinks he is not only bigger than the game itself, but bigger than life. Unfortunately, those who tend to think this way find themselves on the very short end of life's stick. I'm really not sure there is anything or anyone who can get the proper attention of Adam Jones. While we can hope there is an intervening factor out there, no one can feel sorry for Adam Jones. He has been given a lifetime of opportunities and chances, and if he's ignorant and selfish enough to discard all, then there is no one to blame but Adam Jones himself.

This truly is a tragedy in the making, and the final chapter hasn't even been written. The masses can only hope that when the final words are put on paper and the story is put to rest, there are no more casualties in the wake of personal destruction. Regrets are currently many, but sand is rapidly running out of the Adam Jones hour glass. What a sad, sad state of affairs.

Jerry, it's high time to stop the lies and masquerade. Your brand is in serious jeopardy, and there isn't enough tarnish remover to restore luster to the famed blue star. There shouldn't have been a "next time," but now that there is, you are putting the entire Cowboys Nation in jeopardy. The next gaffe may prove to be franchise unsalvageable.

Is it worth it?

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